New Me

Lydia Patricks hates her life but one day will change it all. The day her mother tells her they are moving, she feels a sense of relief and escape. When Lydia and her Mum move, Lydia sees it as the perfect opportunity to re-invent herself.


1. Almost The End

It's almost the end of term, I can breathe a sigh of relief, I'm not going to though for I can't stand saying things too soon!

I wake up at seven o'clock sharp, chuck on my uniform, have a microwaved and buttered hot cross bun for breakfast, brush my teeth and hair and head downstairs. I say goodbye to Mum before sweeping out the door, picking up my bag as I go. I walk to school in silence, not listening to music or talking to anyone, not really thinking either, moving almost mechanically. 

I get to school five minutes early, enough time to go to my locker and get the books I need for the morning. I move into my form room and dump my bag. I walk down the corridor to the toilets and swerve into a cubicle. I had just locked the door as I heard Kristin Seabrock enter, my gosh, do I really not like her, I would say hate but it's way too early in the morning! I flush the chain and come out of the loo, as I walk to the sinks, Kristin turns snappily on her heel and shouts,

"Stop! Don't touch that!", then I realised what she meant, I was close to her makeup bag.

"Sorry", I mumbled.

"Sorry isn't good enough squirt! I know you were trying to steal it! You were trying to steal my Chanel powder and my Dior lip sticks! Do you know how I know you want them? Huh? Well I know that poor little Lydia is too poor to by these brands and can't even afford the crappy makeup from Poundland!"

Bitch. Kristin and her stupid posse burst into rounds of cackles. I wish they'd burst into flames! With that, I stormed out of there and returned to my form room.

Soon enough it was lunch, so I ran up the stairs to the library and concealed myself in the corner of the massive space cocooned by bean bags...

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