Being Her Twin

Skylar. That was her name. That was also the name that was known to cause a lot of trouble in school. That was the name that everyone feared or ether laughed at. That was the name that I ether loved or hate. That was the name that caused unfathomable dreams. That was the name of my younger twin sister. And that was the name that started this whole story.


1. Pologue

"Skylar! Skylar, where are you?"

"Come on out, we can sort whatever it is that's bothering you!"

"Skylar, please" I sighed in exhaustion.

I tried to convince her to come out but Skylar refused to come out of her hiding place. She knew that was the only place where she could conceal herself and evade communication from anyone. It was the only place where she could cry.

"I'm concerned..."

"Sky, he's going to stop."

Suddenly Skylar's eyes widened in surprise as she lifted her head up. She couldn't feel her heart beat. She just froze.

"He said he's sorry... Sorry for everything and will stop"

"I don't know if this is what's upse-"

I was just about to finish my statement, when I was  suddenly interrupted by Skylar who jumped down from about a 10 foot tall tree and landed on me. I now understood how squished pancakes felt.

"Where is he?" Sky asked.

"Well... He's certainly not squished down here" I mumbled.

"Oh... Sorry" Skylar said, slowly getting off me.

"Chip... I need to know..."

I didn't know what to say. I spent all my time looking for her and yet I wasn't even prepared for what she was going to ask. Just my luck, huh?

I slowly moved my head, facing the ground trying to avoid making eye contact. 

"Please" she sighed.

I still left no words.

"Chip?" She said, placing both her hands on my shoulder. I slowly moved my head up and I was now facing her. I had a more serious expression. Your probably expecting Skylar to think, 'why so serious?' with that joker expression on her face. Your right, she did think that, but without the joker expression on her face of course.

"Skylar... He's left and isn't coming back" I cried.



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