Being Her Twin

Skylar. That was her name. That was also the name that was known to cause a lot of trouble in school. That was the name that everyone feared or ether laughed at. That was the name that I ether loved or hate. That was the name that caused unfathomable dreams. That was the name of my younger twin sister. And that was the name that started this whole story.


2. Chapter 1 : How It All Began

It all started in Hawaii at The Queens Medical Center, in Honlulu.

11:58am to be exact.

"Ahh! George!" The lady cried, in immense pain.

See that lady over there, screaming in agony?

Her name is Nim Johnstone Shet. Yep, that's right, Shet, spelt with an e instead of an i. Your probably wondering why she is screaming in so much pain and crying out to some guy named George.

Well here's a clue...


"It's coming! George, the baby!"

"Your kidding"

"I WOULDN'T BE SCREAMING IF I WAS KIDDING" She snatched. Nim was about to explode but George couldn't believe it.


"But it's only been seven months" George said.

"Seven months my dead poodle, just get the nurse!" She yelled. Harsh, but that was just her way of saying, please just get the nurse before this thing heads for the exist. Oh, and she didn't really have a dead poodle nor had one as a pet before it died, just in case you are wondering. George quickly ran out and called for the nurse, who was preparing everything for the scan.


"Your kidding" the nurse cried. 

Now, it may be a little strange for a nurse, who should be by now used to this sort of thing, to say that to some guy she barely knew (if that made any sense) but as an actual fact, they both knew each other very well. Her name was Chip Rose. And her and George and Nim, all knew each other very well. Since the start of College and University.

"Nope, it's definitely a baby on the loose" George replied.

Chip dropped everything down and spontaneously ran out. George followed. 


After a couple of minutes later, Chip and George finally arrived along with the doctor and a couple of other nurses.

"Impeccable timing, George" Nim seethed. 

"Ok, you get the towel, Chip..." the doctor ordered.

"And you get a glass of water"

"Yes, doctor" one of the nurses said.


George stood next to his wife holding her hand whilst comforting her. The doctor took some gloves out and stretched it onto each of her hands. The nurses were like ants running all over the place, getting everything prepared. As soon as they all got what they needed, they all gathered around forming a circle around Nim and George.


"Here, drink this ma'am" one of the nurses said. Nim took a sip of water and gulped it all down in less than three seconds. George stood there in surprised, whilst Chip was drying Nim's sweat with a warm towel.

"Thank you" Nim sighed.

"Just take a nice deep breath in and out" the doctor said. Nim was getting a little anxious as she slowly took some deep breaths in and out. She took a tight grip of George's hand and wasn't planning on letting go.

"It's going to be alright" George simpered.

"Ok and push" the doctor cried.


Nim was screaming louder than she did before and squeezed her hand tighter, gripping onto George's hand. You could just tell by the looks on George's face that she wasn't the only one who was in immense pain. One of the nurses even looked as if she was going to faint any minute.


"Nearly, there"

"OH POODLES!" Nim unexpectedly cried.

Soon silenced filled the air, there was nothing but the sound of a baby crying.

"Congratulations, it's a girl" the doctor simpered, cleaning and wrapping the new born with a warm blanket. The doctor carefully handed the baby to Nim who weakly smiled after the pain she went through. She held the baby right close to her giving her a warm motherly hug.

"What do you think, George?" Nim smiled.

"She's beautiful, just like the person I proudly married" he simpered.

"What should we name her?" Nim asked.


"Congratulations, Nim and George Shet..." Chip congratulated with a wide smile. All the nurses stared at Chip in shock not realising that Chip wasn't actually swearing at them. Well, let's be honest with each other here, who would realise? 

"You two are very lucky to have such an innocently beautiful placid angel" she continued.

"Umm... Thanks, I think" Nim replied giving a little laugh.

"You know, I always wanted to have a child like that" Chip added. "Hmm... Perhaps we should name her after the nurse..."


You see that slimy, gushy, slightly yellow, quite small and vulnerable little baby that Nim's holding over there. That looks like E.T even though everyone is calling it beautiful?

That's me...




Everyone was very happy to have me, the only child... Well, at least that was what they expected until...

"George, I think another one is coming"

"What?" everyone cried.

"Yep, there's definitely one heading for the exist" Nim panicked.

"Not again" George sighed, holding on to Nim's hand.

"Wait but that's impossible, the scanner you had last time showed that you were only going to have one child" Chip interrupted.

"Well it's feasible for now-Ahh!" Nim yelled again.

And before everyone knew it, another E.T was born but the real thing this time.

"Congratulations, ma'am it's another umm girl" the doctor smiled. Nim gave out a tedious and exhausting smile. Everyone behind Nim, all had an odd expression on, as if to say, 'what on earth is that thing and how did it get in there?'

"She's beautiful, don't you think guys?" Nim simpered.

"Yeah..." everyone hesitated.


Though everyone was a little scared to hold the baby, my sister had a very  beautiful , flamboyant, blue eyes that reminded my mother of the sky. And that's how my twin got her name... Skylar...

And this is how it all began. 






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