The Songwriter's Daughter

Hi! I'm Mandy Madeline Matthews otherwise known triple threat. You know one direction? The super famous boy band? Yeah, my mom works for them, she's a songwriter. Me, my mom, and my brother Michael live on tour with them! It is so much fun, Louis always pranks me. But being on tour with a bunch of boys definitely means something will happen. But with who? (PS I have nothing against the boys, I love them) (PPS there is A LOT of swearing) ©2014


38. chapter 37

What the fuck is going on here?!

He pulls the box out of his pocket, it's a ring.

"Laura will you marry me?"

I do a spit take.

He ignores my out burst, only rolling his eyes.

"Oh Li pie of course I'll marry you!" She jumps up kissing him on the lips.

There is so many things wrong with this;

1. Li pie. Really? that's the best nickname she could come up with?

2. He's my ex. (Sort of)

3. He said he loved me.

4. They've known each other less than a week!

I wanted to slap both of them across the face.

I stand up from the table walking towards my shared room.

I knew going to breakfast was a bad idea.

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