The Songwriter's Daughter

Hi! I'm Mandy Madeline Matthews otherwise known triple threat. You know one direction? The super famous boy band? Yeah, my mom works for them, she's a songwriter. Me, my mom, and my brother Michael live on tour with them! It is so much fun, Louis always pranks me. But being on tour with a bunch of boys definitely means something will happen. But with who? (PS I have nothing against the boys, I love them) (PPS there is A LOT of swearing) ©2014


21. chapter 20

Louis's point of view

"Mandy!" I called into the night, no answer. It has been 24 hours since the last time any of us saw her when she stormed off.

I soon notice a slight crunching noise under my foot.

A note.

To Louis;

This is Mandy's father. I have her in my possession at the current time unharmed. If you wish to see her again you and your little boy band need to meet me in the abandoned house on Cobble Stone Rd. You better hurry, things don't look to bright for Mandy's future.

Diabolically yours,

Chadsworth Matthews

My hands shook as I showed the note to the other boys.

We have to find her. I just pray that she isn't already dead.

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