The Songwriter's Daughter

Hi! I'm Mandy Madeline Matthews otherwise known triple threat. You know one direction? The super famous boy band? Yeah, my mom works for them, she's a songwriter. Me, my mom, and my brother Michael live on tour with them! It is so much fun, Louis always pranks me. But being on tour with a bunch of boys definitely means something will happen. But with who? (PS I have nothing against the boys, I love them) (PPS there is A LOT of swearing) ©2014


2. chapter 2

Paul is the the boys' dad while they are on tour and when my mom isn't around he's the boss of me. "What's going on here?" He asks walking up. Then he took a look at the boys, "what the hell happened to you boys?"

Louis looked at me and smirked, "Mandy pranked us by switching our dressing rooms."

And once again Louis has the upper hand.

God I hate him sometimes.

Paul folded his arms, and looked sternly at me. "Is that true Mandy?" He sounds angry. Shit, I'm doomed. I might as well confess, "yes." I'm busted, thanks to Louis. He's so gonna get it later.

Surprising, Paul smiled, and giggled, and that giggle turned into a laugh. The boys and I look at him like he was wearing a hat made of live mice. "What's so funny?!" Liam asks a little annoyed. He stops laughing, "it's just you've all been pranking Mandy for years and you all fell for her trick so easily! It's hilarious!" He hoots once again.

As the boys switched rooms Louis stuck his middle finger up at me. I giggle innocently, he's made Paul didn't punish me. Then I do it right back at him.

I may hate Louis, but he's damn cute when he's mad.

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