The Songwriter's Daughter

Hi! I'm Mandy Madeline Matthews otherwise known triple threat. You know one direction? The super famous boy band? Yeah, my mom works for them, she's a songwriter. Me, my mom, and my brother Michael live on tour with them! It is so much fun, Louis always pranks me. But being on tour with a bunch of boys definitely means something will happen. But with who? (PS I have nothing against the boys, I love them) (PPS there is A LOT of swearing) ©2014


19. chapter 18

Liam pulled Zayn's shoulders back, pulling off the bench and on to the floor. "Why the fuck are you kissing?! I have dibs!"


The boys called dibs on me.


"It is bad enough that Louis broke dibs, but not you to," Liam says still shouting.

I stand up and go right in front of Liam, "you called dibs?! You called dibs on me?! And you're giving Zayn a shit load?! Now I'm gonna give you one. Calling dibs on me gives me no respect, I'm nothing better than a dish rag when you do that. You and I will never be a 'thing'. You're such a fucking asshole!" I scream as I run out of the room.

I bump into someone.


Man I am really going to hell and back today.

"You alright?" He asks grabbing my arm gently.

I pull away roughly, "yeah I'm fine, I'm just sick of all the mother fuckers in this god damn house!!"

I run away towards the front as he stands in shock.

Once I'm outside I run and I don't stop until I'm lost.


Just then I see someone walking towards me, at first I think it was one of the boys, but then I saw his face.


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