The New Sun

In a modern-day city, four Clans rise from the Original Clans. All live in the City. As the Seasons go on, there become troubling times between the clans. Seven cats found out that they have a secret power. They were prophesied that they would save the Clans from another Great Battle. Will they be able to, or will the Clans be gone in ruins?

Cover by the amazing Rodrigo.R.R Goldlight.


1. Prologue

          “Firestar, what is so important that you needed to wake me from my nap?" Sandstorm, Firestar' s mate yawned. The Stars in her pelt listened with every step she took.

          “The still living Spirits are having a meeting. I thought you would like to join." Firestar whispered as the walk towards the large group of stary cats.

          “Mistystar, what do we do about the Clans? They will fight soon and cause another Great Battle if we don't help them." Brightheart, a once Thunderclan warrior meowed. Her scar on her face glistened brighter than her pelt.

          “I don't know, we have never had this problem in the City to begin with. I have no clue what we could do." Mistystar, a former Riverclan leader meowed.

          “I do." All the cats turned around to see a beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with bright green eyes.

          “Who are you? State your business." Onestar, also a former leader sternly spoke.

          “I am sorry if I bothered your meeting. I am Frostpetal. I once was a warrior of Forestclan, but I died giving birth to my surviving kit Leafkit. I have come to tell you that there is a way we could save the Clans. Seven cats have powers that could control the way they fight, or even just living their lives. They could join together to save their Clans." Frostpetal meowed from the rock she was standing on. It made her look like she was a leader.

          “Why should we believe you!" Lionblaze, a once prophesied cat, hissed at the she-cat.

          “Because Leafkit also possesses those powers." Frostpetal hissed back sternly. Her green eyes glowing with anger.

          “Fine, we will speak to each cat with a power and hopefully they will join on this journey." Firestar called to be group.

            At once, all the cats went back to their lives like before the meeting.

            Firestar ran over to Frostpetal, a whispered in her ear, his start pelt tickling her whiskers, “I am hoping you are right. The former clan cats do not see eye to eye with you. But I do."

            “I am right." Frostpetal muttered as she ran across the moor into the forest.

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