5SOS Imagines and Preferences <3

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6. Zayn Imagine for JuliaKaren :)

You were watching Netflix in your room with Zayn behind you. You were sat between his legs and his arms were around you, watching the movie from your shoulder. You were watching 'Love Actually' and you couldn't focus on the movie as Zayn was whispering sweet things in your ear.

"You're so beautiful, you know that?" He whispered. You felt him smile as his stubble brushed against your neck. It sends good chills in your body. You smiled and blushed.

You and Zayn were secretly dating for a couple of months now. You two were very careful because you're Luke Hemming's little sister and you know that he would lose his hair if he ever knew you guys were dating. You were planning on telling him soon but you don't know how to.

"Julia, you okay?" Zayn asked with concerned. He noticed you were quiet. You turned your head to look at him. "Zayn, I was just thinking about how Luke's reaction will be if he finds out." You said and Zayn sighed. He grabbed both of your hands and intertwined them with his, putting his chin on your shoulder.

"if he finds out and he throws a fit, I won't let him break us up. I love you, Julia. And if your brother's smart, he would see how much you mean to me." He said and kissed your cheek and stares at you with so much love in his eyes.

You smiled, knowing how lucky you are with this guy. "I love you too, Zayn. God knows how much I do." You replied, smiling.

You two leaned in to kiss.


You two turned to see who it was and you widened your eyes as you see that it was Luke, standing there with rage plastered all over his face.

"Look man, I can explain--" Zayn started but he was interrupted by Luke.

"EXPLAIN?! YOU ALMOST SHOVED YOUR TONGUE DOWN IN MY SISTER'S THROAT!" Luke said, fuming. His face was red all over and his knuckles were clenched.

You stood up, your hand still intertwined with Zayn's.

"Luke, please..We were going to tell you but you beat us. I just..look, I love Zayn and nothing you do will make us separate from each other." You looked at Zayn and he wrapped his hand around your waist and pulled you closer.

"I love your sister, Luke. I'll never let you separate us...I'll fight for her--whatever it takes." Zayn said and kissed your forehead.

Luke sighed and rubbed his forehead. You and Zayn looked at each other, hopefully Luke will finally accept you.

"Fine. Malik i'll let you date my sister but once you hurt her...I swear i'll hunt you down myself and kill you, alright?" Luke threatened. Zayn nodded.

"I will never hurt her, Luke but if I did..don't worry, i'll kill myself before you do because I won't bear it if I hurt her." Zayn said then looked down at you. You smiled up at him and hugged him tight.

"Okay and one more thing...no PDAs in front of me..I don't wanna see you make out with my sister." Luke said and nodded at you both before leaving.

Once he left, Zayn picked you up and spun you around. "YES! HE APPROVED!" Zayn said with so much enthusiastic. You saw how he was happy and it made you happy too.

When he stopped spinning you around, he put you down but still kept his arms around you. He started to lean down and finally, you felt his lips on yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing back.

You guys were the cutest couple ever. No one can ever beat you two in that category.

'I'm the luckiest guy on the planet, having her by my side...Always and Forever! <3'


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