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2. You're his celebrity crush [Luke Imagine]

You sat down on your couch and turned the tv on. You smiled widely when you saw that your favorite band was in an interviewer. You turned the volume up more before starting to eat your cereal.

"So guys, how was the whole tour?" The interviewer asked.

"We had fun. We were happy that we met a lot of fans out there who supported us and still does." Ashton said.

"Did you guys felt nervous at all? About doing the tour. You know..jitters?" The interviewer intertwined his hands on top of the table and raised an eyebrow.

"Uhmm..yeah. We had jitters but knowing that a lot of people love us and supports us, helped us a lot with the tour." Calum said and the others nodded in agreement.

So on and so forth, they talked about the tour and what the band think about being famous. Then, the interviewer asked the boys about their celebrity crush.

Michael said that his celebrity crush was Camilla Cabelo of Fifth Harmony; Ashton's was Hayley Williams; Calum's was Katy Perry.

..And then, it was Luke's turn...

"How about you Luke?" The interviewer asked.

"Uhmm..My celebrity crush is (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N)." Luke smiled, blushing a little.

The other guys, even the interviewer oohed but nodded in approval.

"I mean, who wouldn't like her, you know? She's very passionate in her work and she's got it all. I like her...I idolize her because she didn't give up on her dream." Luke said then nodded.

You squealed and almost fell down the couch from jumping up and down.

"Would you date her though?" The interviewer asked, grinning.

Luke laughed, you can see the slight blush on his cheeks. The guys patted Luke's back and laughed as well.

"Yeah. I would most definitely date her. It would be an honour." He said, smiling genuinely.

The interview went on about their band, obviously before you went to twitter and posted a status:

"You're my celebrity crush too <3 :$ @Luke5SOS"

A lot of people quickly saw your post and retweeted them. Then your phone rang, indicating that you have a new notification.

It was Luke Hemmings. He saw your post and replied, immediately.

He said: "@(Y/T/N) Really? *hearts eyes* ;)"

You laughed and then you guys talked a lot of times and wen out on dates before you guys became a thing and the cutest couple ever.

(A/N: My first imagine. Hope it does not suck! Enjoy! And i'm opening up requests. First come first serve. I'm gonna do a lot as quickly as possible and put them up. All you need is comment "your name [if you want it to be involved], description of yourself [i might need it], clear plot of what imagine you want [if i don't understand it, then i might not do it..sorry] and obviously, which guys you want an imagine with. I don't do smut, sorry. It just makes me uncomfortable and awkward. But i'll most definitely do cute and sweet imagines.)

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