Stone Hearted- One Direction Fanfiction, Zayn Malik

She had no one to support her except her best friend harry when she lost the lost suit right after her parents died, his family grew distant and against her blaming her for their son's lunacy. They moved in together both struggling with money matters, taking up work at a cafe' where they only kept her because they apparently pitied her, they ill-treated her made her work over-shift and continued to hurt her feelings till she could take no more
But she met him, the most rich businessman, Zayn Malik the egocentric business-minded. Everything was normal until he took interest in her
With his intense persona, which intimidates her the most
Will there meeting end in jeopardy

What will she do if she loses her job


1. Normal day at La Café


Chapter - 1

Life was so crazy and intense just a few months back I had the normal life, normal job and normal friends, but now…

Refreshing my memory and going down memory lane wasn’t something I liked to do, I remembered back when I was working at La Café…

Back at Martins yes I did dread of working there the torture of working late hours…

Martins was sure one of dad’s friends but after passing away of dad he kept me at the job out of pity as he likes to phrase it, it’s ironic of how he thinks he treats me best and does justice to his promise to my dying father

La Café is one of the café’s that are almost out of business, barely anyone even enters the place we have

A decent amount of customers but later on the day it stays empty but due to false beliefs I was in for the rest of the day

The café lay empty as the breeze blew coldly outside this seemed pathetic, looking outside through the glass as the wind swept the ground I looked out to the nature one thing I adored on earth, the beautiful nature, only some see it in the eyes of an artist more like a nature lover as I sat back looking outside Edward was supposed to get here by now why was he taking so long

Let me tell you Harry Edwards yes Edward Styles I prefer calling him Edward at times

I saw him rushing in as he pushed the door open as the bell sounded he swept his curls to the side passing me a charming smile as he made his way to me

Sorry I’m late Alex he called rushing to me and giving me a quick hug but not leaving before he pecked my cheek

Meet my dear cheeky, flirty best friend Harry Edward Styles


Its fine Harry but what took you this long


I lifted my eyebrow at him

No kidding Love, okay whom I kidding I had to visit mom

How’s she doing?

She’s fairly peachy

Good to hear I said passing him a smile

Well, so why did you call for me? He asked making himself comfy on the chair, previously occupied by me

Well Jack thinks we’d have customers

At this time?

I nodded

Doesn’t he realize that your shop not that- he cut of looking at my expression

I’m sorry Alex I don’t mean to offend you but I think you must take a stand for this he can’t always boss you around like this

He said in a serious tone

I knew he was right but what could I do all Jack and his father Martin Williams think about is that I was taken in for the job through pity

And I very well knew they’d fire me the first chance they get

But Harry I said weakly as I brushed a hand against my forehead making Harry get up and embrace me in a comforting hug

Really Alex

But they’ll fire me the first chance they get

Well… Harry went pursing his lips together

It was true they would gladly kick me out of this hopeless place

Why don’t you talk to Jack Harry said pulling back from the embrace, maybe he’d listen

Harry are you even listening to what you’re saying? Jack in no right mind would give a damn about anything I say

He was your friend

You’re right Harry he WAS but now after dad… it’s no longer the same now that I work under his father he spares no second thought before ordering me around

Why don’t you just quit? Harry went


Why was he speaking so non-sensibly?

You know I can’t afford to do that! I mean we can’t afford to do that!

It’s okay maybe I’ll work extra we can manage he went

Harry I went

I melted at his words these were one of the things I loved about my best friend he was willing to do anything for me

Really Alex I can I’ll speak to Mrs. Louise right away if you want

Harry you don’t have to I said grabbing a hold of his arms

But I can’t stand to see you bossed around by these good-for-nothing idiots!


Think about it Alex we can make it through, just cut down some hours of sleep-

I cut him off

Harry I can’t have you do that for me you’ve already done enough

Harry best friend as well as my room-mate in the flat we rented out together, Harry been nothing but considerate to move in and take half the load of the expenses as we shared the expenses for all needs though Harry was one to lavish all the money in one go so he gave it to me and we’d set a budget to run through we were not in destitution actually far from it but after my dad’s death and the fight for the case everything started to go haywire when Harry stood up to help his family got against him, his father still holds it against him, calling what Harry had done for me abject foolishness he wasn’t allowed to even look at them and eventually kicked out of the house yes it was bewilderingly vicious and now they had moved in together and shared their expenses though Harry was initially a spend-thrift and still lavishly spent his money when given the opportunity

Harry you don’t have to you’ve done rather enough

She said pulling back

Really Harry she said, I can take this after all atleast I earn something…


I can’t afford to drop out of university Harry

He nodded finally understanding

Well after all we have movies night tonight so I borrowed a few from Lou’s

One more thing I liked about Harry he was brought up in such a well- bred manner that he always knew how to change the awkward silence to a hearty conversation

That’s great Harry what’s the genre

He flushed red

Making me find out already but I wanted to push him


Um… I well… Lou… Um… he only…. Um had… um romance…

He went blushing red as he looked down at his feet

I chuckled at him

Harry that is not working you said this even last time

Did I? He asked smiling cheekily at me

Making me blurt out in laughter forgiving him instantly

Well, now that I have you all cheered up tell me, How can I help he said smiling pleasantly

Or how can I afford you a helping hand Princess Alexandra

Harry I said glaring at him playfully

Well it would help if you took out the orders

Sure he said smiling cheesy

I knew exactly what was running in head it happens if you spend nearly 24 hours with him you do!

He grabbed the covers

I have the addresses here I said handling to him the list engraved with my spawned out hand-writing

Atleast it’s visible he said teasing me

I glared at him playfully as he went to the door

He pulled open the door when I called him back and he looked at me expectively

First before you leave, Promise me not to flirt with the customers Harry


I glared at me

But I was just being cheesy

With 67 year old Neville?

He flushed red looking down

Okay, he muttered

I looked at him he looked red and embarrassed I didn’t want to hurt him

So once he turned back towards the door I called out again he looked back slightly annoyed, Harry’s real sensitive so I don’t want to hurt him in any way

You didn’t give me a bye hug! I called out in a baby tone or practically mimicking Lou, Harry’s weird but crazy best friend

His face lit up and his eyes back to their vibrant emerald green as he rushed up and gave me a tight hug

I hugged him back chuckling at his behavior

Bye he said pulling back as he strode out I watched him leave as I sat back at the seat

What would I do without that crazy boy?

I just chuckled at his caring and lovable persona

I sat back looking at the atmosphere darken to a light shade of blue it was 5:20…

My phone buzzing as I pulled it out

Opps! Hey sorry Jason

Alex what the hell is up with your phone

Well nothing much I muttered not very sure on how to answer that cause it was usually

Vashappenenin not wats up with your phone

I could almost hear him smile

I mean to say I’ve called for about 15 times and you still didn’t pick up!

Sorry Jason didn’t notice

You have the most punked up phone in this universe

Excuse me your’s aint any better

Really? Alex well coming down to that I just got my self a new phone

Wow cool

And guess which one

I don’t know

Come on and guess Alex don’t be such a flat tire

Boy that guy and his ultra- weirdo language

Well… I don’t know a type pad?

Nope I could feel the excitement ooze out from his voice he seemed so elated

Ok I’ll tell you


It’s a Y.O.L.O!!!

A what??

Meaning a phone you can only get once in a life time

You mean

A Malik phone/cell

A what?

A Malik Phone Alex a Malik cell he yelled defening my ears


Come on atleast act curious!!

Oh well that’s great Jason

Well it’s not just great I spend my whole pocket money on that one!!

What!!! For this one I yelled


You spent the money with which you were going to get a car

That’s so last year

What do you mean?

Just wait till the look on everyone’s faces once they see what I have

Jason are you nuts

Call me what ever you want Babe but wait till you see it, its SUPER AMAZAYN ( sorry had to do that)!!

If he were here I would have sure as hell wacked him over his head is out of his mind he collected that since he was 16!! And now he just spends it all like phoff on one stupid phone??

Ok I gotta go Lexandra

And the phone was dead that guy has for sure lost all his nuts!!

Soon I felt my phone buzz it was a message from Jason

I’m comin today – at your place

P.S: Be ready to be amazed Babe ;)

Jasonester the punkster :P

Note: Info Hidden not able to transfer part of the message

God what’s wrong with my phone

I was stuck with a type pad a mini type pad I got when I was 17 but I still love it unconditionally

But to tell you the truth everyone hated it, because it barely worked well now

The door opened and I saw Andrew, Andrew Martinez


I blushed looking at him I had a major crush on him he was like my childhood crush

Hey Alex! He called as he made his way into the shop

Hey Andrew

Just call me Drew, al

He came up giving me a very brief hug as he pulled back walking to the counter

I think I’ll buy myself four of that he said pointing at the choco-fudge

Sure I said walking up and pulling it out

Here or Take away

Take away Lex have to meet up with a friend

I boxed his choice as I presented it to him

And ya gimme one of those chocolate splashes

I leaned over filling it up in a glass



I filled up some cream and then stuffed a straw in his drink and passed it to him

He stared right at me

Making me flutter

Thanks Lex! He called out and he was off

He was a total jock and I still couldn’t believe I liked him

I mean he acts all mean to me in front of his friends or practically disregards me, but the thing was when his friends were not around he was rather sweet, he pretty rich his co-owns the Seventh-Heaven Café.

I’ve had a crush on him since forever…

I sat back looking out

I felt the door open and Harry come in he looked tired but he managed to pass me the most cheekiest smile like always

How did it go? I asked hugging him

This one thing – hugging that is because of Harry’s influence on me

Ya it went good he said smiling

Flirted with anyone?

Nope he said looking down at his hands

I don’t actually believe Harry flirts he’s this coy boy whose just extra sweet and cheeky and people misunderstand him to be flirty



Jason’s comin over


One think is Harry gets quite irritated by Jason not only because of his language but because of his attitude almost a jock but he isn’t just different like a total dude and Harry was opposite a gentleman in hide, he was super romantic but was too coy to express but I knew if he’d find the right girl who’d love him for all the right reasons she’d be the most happiest cause Harry would give up anything and everything for his girl…

Yupp he supossedly got a new phone

Oh well I thought we’d have fun watching movies together he said looking rather disappointed he was just so obvious his emotions over flowed he didn’t even try to control

Hey it’s okay Harry we can have another movie marathon night another time

You’re right he said smiling

Sometimes he was this delicate guy no kidding

Why don’t you call Lou over

Ya I’ll do that he said beaming at me

Rushing out with his type phone bigger than mine though

My phone buzzed I looked down it was a private number who could it be?

I picked it up anyway


Hey Alex, it’s me Drew he went making me flutter

Hey Drew I said trying to control the stutter in my voice

Hey I was, um… wondering if maybe we could go out sometime

Wiat a second am I dreaming this can’t be happening someone pinch me literally

Um… Sure I said trying to control my ardor

Cool so how about Friday night?


Cool, ok so see you then, Bye then babe

I clicked the phone close OMG did that just happen no it couldn’t have he just asked me out Andrew Martinez asked me out OMG I must be dreaming!!!

Harry was back in a few minutes He’s coming he beamed at me

Guess what I said beaming


Andrew just asked me out

What? Really? He asked


That’s awesome kitten he said rushing up and twirling me off the ground

I’m so happy

I’m happy for you, the guy finally made a move, since what 16 did you crush on him?

Harry! I said slapping his arm

He just laughed

That’s great

Yupp!! I said gushing again

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