Stone Hearted- One Direction Fanfiction, Zayn Malik

She had no one to support her except her best friend harry when she lost the lost suit right after her parents died, his family grew distant and against her blaming her for their son's lunacy. They moved in together both struggling with money matters, taking up work at a cafe' where they only kept her because they apparently pitied her, they ill-treated her made her work over-shift and continued to hurt her feelings till she could take no more
But she met him, the most rich businessman, Zayn Malik the egocentric business-minded. Everything was normal until he took interest in her
With his intense persona, which intimidates her the most
Will there meeting end in jeopardy

What will she do if she loses her job


2. Movie Marathon :)


Chapter -2

The day bragged on and we finally got back home

Switching on the lights we stepped in

Harry dashed up to the TV pulling out the stock of CD’s and then rushing for the sofa

God, Harry wait up, what’s with the hurry

Hurry up Al’ let’s start

Wait till Lou and Jason get here, Haz!

Oh, well how long are they going to take?


He glared at me grabbing the phone

Call up Jason and tell him to get here with his SUPERFALIALIEXPOALIDOCUS phone

Its supercalialifagiexpoalidocious Harry!!

Does it look like I care he yelled and was off with his phone

Since when did he get this sassy? Probably Lou’s effect on him

I rang Jason up asking him to get here as soon as possible

His voice was filled with so much ardor


When you getting here?

I’ll be there in a few

You must!

Sure ASAP… Bye

And the line was dead

He’ll get here in ASAP I called out to Harry

Yup Lou too Harry said smiling bright and cordially

Soon the bell rang and Harry rushed to the door as Lou barged in rushing up and hugging Harry and then running up and practically knocking me off my feet with his hug

  What movie are we watching he asked enthusiastically rushing up and grabbing the pack of Cd’s

Hey its my choice today Harry said pouting

Come on Hazza boy give your bestie a chance

Harry pouted at him

Okay Harry you can choose again but only this one time he said raising his tone dramatically like as if he just sacrificed the last drop of water in the entire universe for his best friend

Okay Harry now pick already

Wait till Jason arrives

Jason? You mean The DUDE? Lou asked his eyebrows joining as he frowned the crazy part was no matter how they both shared the same loud and crazy persona they couldn’t stand each other very well

Sorry Lou but he has something to show us

Oh… lou went rather dejected

Come ’on Lou

Okay all I do for my ally’s

As the bell rang I opened the door to an enthusiastic Jason who ran up hugging me as he looking in to Harry passing him a broad smile he looked towards Lou who was so close to scowling at him

Wassup tomo?

First thing it’s Louis and it’s tommo Tomlinson Lou went glaring at him

Come ‘on grumpy

Jason said walking off in front as he pulled me to him by the shoulders

Look who called me grumpy Lou tampered after him

Harry just nodded in agreement as they followed THE DUDE

Which movie is it man?


What the

I stopped him

But what the-

I stopped him again glaring this time

Ok but why such romance shamp?

Harry went red

Who the-

One more time and I’ll kill you

Ok but who chose this?

Harry Lou pointed at Harry so close to break out laughing

Really man? Seriously never knew you’d be into such mushy stuff

Harry was close to scowling so I had to literally pull Jason away making him remember that Harry was sensitive

Anyway its cool man, you know we’ll watch it just thought it be…

Ya let’s watch I said pulling them not more of that seriously

You know embarrassing fo’ the girl

Excuse me?

No kidding, anyways back to the movie

I glared at him and he looked down we started the movie and at the most intense part when he asked her out by hanging on the fares wheel

Check out what Marty sent me!! It was pic of the newest car out the ZM car he went


It’s beautiful Eh Man? New release

Lou popped a carrot in his mouth raising an eyebrow at Jason

I mean sure he isn’t interested but who makes it so obvious

Okay I’m sorry but my phone man it’s freakin’ sic!! So damn sic!!

He cried

Harry paused the movie

Okay, tell us about the phone

Really man?

Ya really but in 5 minutes Max

Harry just nodded straightening his posture toward Jason to seem interested

Man where do I start?

Somewhere Lou pepped in

Well ok I’ll start well its water-proof, scratch proof, 500+ games downloadable

Highly sensitive

It’s-41 mega pixel

5gb other ones 8gb can you imagine?

Well this one’s just 4.5 inches you should see the 5.8 inches that one’s sic man!!

And all of the phones from this brand go for up to 20 hrs the best one goes up to 35 hours

The maps available everywhere!!

 Network’s awesome!!

 And it tells you of all the places located beside you and the people you know beside you

Ok stop really mate, now you’re gushing!! Lou went

Whaddya expect of me man? To not?

Lou just rolled his eyes in annoyance

Well anyway as I was saying

Nope stop I said we are going to watch the movie and Harry only allowed you 5 mins!!

He scowled going back to his phone

Boy that guy has a serious phone addiction

Tell me about it I went

They both looked at me with broad grins

Look whose finally accepting

I already did

Na you hadn’t Lou went

Okay maybe I didn’t

And their face lit up

God guys and their egos

How right was I back there?

The rest of the day we had watched

The Notebook, The Vow, The noting hill, 50 dates, 17 again, Tangled, a walk to remember till we finally feel asleep thanks to exhaust

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