Stone Hearted- One Direction Fanfiction, Zayn Malik

She had no one to support her except her best friend harry when she lost the lost suit right after her parents died, his family grew distant and against her blaming her for their son's lunacy. They moved in together both struggling with money matters, taking up work at a cafe' where they only kept her because they apparently pitied her, they ill-treated her made her work over-shift and continued to hurt her feelings till she could take no more
But she met him, the most rich businessman, Zayn Malik the egocentric business-minded. Everything was normal until he took interest in her
With his intense persona, which intimidates her the most
Will there meeting end in jeopardy

What will she do if she loses her job


4. Meet Mr. Unknown

Chapter - 4

My eyes brimming up with tears,

My first date and it was a flop!

I walked down the empty and isolated lane with extravagant cars parked around

The wind brushing against my face as I push my hair from my face what a flop, what a mess, entirely

I heard footsteps I stopped on spot, Maybe it was drew but I was in no mood to see him but who I saw was not drew but it was that guy, the black haired, handsome but eerie guy who had been staring at me

He walked right up to me the smirk was still not off his face, he who had probably come on a date too, his square face and black hair whipped up in a quaff strode up right until he was a mere few inches away from me

What are you doing here?

I asked utterly perplexed

I could ask you the same he stated haughtily

The first words that came out of his mouth displayed his stubborn and arrogant persona

I didn’t know how to react; today’s events were taking its toll on me

Tell me I asked rather exhausted to banter on

Well I came out here to get you inside

What do you mean? I asked as I felt the annoyance range inside of me

Simple as in your coming in with me he said grabbing ahold of me and literally dragging me I whisked away my hand from his firm hold

You can’t just do that! I bantered

Can’t I? He asked looking at me, his face mere inches away from mine

His eyes radiating a cold gleam, immediately frightening me, his eyes looked so beautiful the colour a cold hazel but the cold they radiated making every tiny hair on my body raise, his tone frightening and possessive

I felt myself speechless to the current turn of events

I don’t even know you I state truthfully

Oh that you will as the smirk was back on his handsome face but his eyes remained the same

Come with me Miss. Greene

I looked at him completely bewildered

How do you know my name?

This was so freaky in the words of Jason

That’s for me to know and you to find out he worded with a wink at the end of his statement

He stepped in front eradicating the gap between us gripping ahold of my wrist as he pulled me with him

I stopped him as I stood firm on my ground

He looked back in annoyance, the anger vividly given out through his eyes

Just come with me he stated curtly

I won’t! I say frightened but firmly

Try as you like but I will have you inside with me, for dinner

I tried pulling back from his fierce but confined hold

I don’t want dinner I said trying to sound as much less cranky as possible

The sight of me looked like a defenseless rat in front of the superior lion

As you wish he states but his grip still firm

Let go of me! I say squirming under his strong hold

You can’t just do this to me, just let me go!

Where will you go?

Home!! DH!!

At these words I felt the anger range in him his eyes growing colder by the second, I felt at loss

Control your language he said brusquely his eyes screaming terror making me shrink ever more in fear

I tried to retract my hand from his tightened hold, growing tighter as I squirmed in vain

I felt the anger rise in his face, as the cold and anger in his eyes reach levels

He closed his eyes opening them again

The anger warded off his eyes his face back to the impassive usual concealing any form of emotions

But how he asked trying to maintain his tone


You were here with your date, and now he’s left you

But I-

I will take you home

I can go on my own I said trying to hold my ground and sound stern

Don’t be bovine Miss Greene, I know you have no means of transport and a young girl like you out so late in the night with the mistake of being alone, now that would disconcert me he went in an ominous tone

I tried to wrest my wrist away from his firm hold which seemed more close to impossible

Leave me I mutter in my vain attempts of managing to free my wrist

Miss Greene why won’t you stop your defiance against me?

I barely know you

And I felt him squeeze my hand

Come with me he said with that same tone as he pulled me with him we stopped at this car:

I was astonished this car looked beautiful but I quit my strange craze for cars and concentrated on the matter on hand getting away as far as possible from this man who I had no knowledge of

He opened the passenger’s door

I immediately twisted my arm trying to go

Why won’t you let me go!! I said so close to giving up this battle that I was obvious to losing

Stopping defying me and get in Miss. Greene I glared at him but he simply glared back frightening the living day lights out of me I decided to make peace with myself this could not go longer it was useless fighting against his strong grip so I reluctantly slid it

Wasn’t that easy Miss Greene? His tone laced with sarcasm

He slid in slowly reversing the car out and out of the restaurant

I just looked outside annoyed and angry but he looked rather morale

Stop acting that scandalized

I’m not acting I am, infact who wouldn’t be if you just force them into your car

It was a request

A REQUEST? Excuse me! You call that a request!! Pushing me forcibly into the car not letting go of my writs ya if that’s a request then Mr. who-ever-you-are we have very contrast meanings for the word request, huge discrepancy

He jerked the car to a stop I was shocked by the sudden jerk; frightened even not that it was anything new

He stared at me and the coldness in his eyes had doubled making me quiver in fear I felt so uncomfortable and scared my heart was going a hundred beats per sec making my stomach go wobbly

It’s better you remember your manners when you speak to me Miss Greene, for I will not take any of that language or behavior from you

I was too astounded to speak, I barely knew him and now he runs control over me this was going crazily off limits I wanted to speak but I didn’t know what to say or how to speak with the fear

You can’t tell me what to do I said startling myself with my new found courage

He reached out pushing a strand of hair behind my ear making a cold shiver pass down my back I bit my lip out of nervousness

Somehow I saw his eyes change colour and the anger just increase

Don’t bite your lip he said in a low voice I immediately let go of my lip, I stayed silent not knowing how to respond somehow my new found courage had all just gone down the drain

Good he muttered reaching out and twisting the key igniting the car and back to life and on go once again

I looked at him he looked anguished

I stayed silent for some time not wanting for the impending inevitable to occur

But then I caught him glancing at me but he was not like others who look away but only looked on more valiantly like as if I was encouraging his, this demeanor

He opened up to speak and almost instinctively my attention was all him

I endeavor to understand you Miss Greene

He sounded almost desperate in that formal language of his

And I found Jason’s language weird!!

 Why do you always speak so formally?

Do you have a problem with that Miss Greene?

No I said immediately trying to avoid peril

He looked at me expectative, humor lingering in his eyes which had a light shade of aquamarine, very light and calm almost serene

Honestly Miss. Greene I want to hear from you in all probity

He does, does he? And if I do speak in all honesty all he does is frighten me

Do I frighten you Miss. Greene?

Oh shit that came out aloud

Well it did, Miss. Greene…

Okay here’s the truth whether you like it or not I am annoyed by your formality

You want me to be informal, Miss Greene?

Yes I would like that

But you’re not doing any different

I rolled my eyes at his statement but then I saw the anger increase and the cold demeanor back up and the cold radiating off of him

Don’t roll your eyes at me, Miss Greene he sounded menacing

Why not? And my snappy self was back up

I had already warned you of it I remember he said curtly looking lour

Shutting me down to silence for another few minutes

Speak to me Miss. Greene; I’m sure you have many questions for me

I do my mind screamed

But may I remind you that I will and shall only answer a few which I find appropriate and the others I’ll ignore

I nodded

Shoot he spoke

Who are you?

What kinda question is that? He spat

I could almost laugh at his tone

You must’ve known by now he went rather amused by my query

I’m just curious I said trying to sound less stupid but the way he stared down at me made me look so foolish

I’m Zayn he said as he looked back at the road

Oh then Zayn

I felt his pupils dilate at my words but then I saw him close his eyes mouthing 1, 2, 3 and then opening them looking much calm

He looked back at me his face back to the impassive form his eyes grazing with humor for which I had no idea of, what was so funny about me?

You are not lucid Miss Greene; I have to repeat that again

Abhor he stated in the low tone


I said leave

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion

I said you can leave Miss. Greene unless you have decided to stay and keep me company

I looked outside it was my flat

I looked at him bewildered

Not just that we were home with not a sound but how did he know my address, where I live?

How did you know where I live?

I do not want to delude you

He said staring at my face assiduously

How I asked completely perplexed

I have my means; I know that you are intellectual

He looked out again then back at the watch in the car

It’s getting late, Miss Greene I don’t want to have your roommate worried sick cause we all know how much Mr. Styles cares for you, he asserted as the same smirk rose back up in his face more prominently

I was dumbfounded, how did he know Harry how he cares for me

He got out opening the door for me and extending his hand for me to take

I took it reluctantly sliding out less than elegantly

So elegant Miss Greene he stated sardonically

I just rolled my eyes and got out to move but he pulled me back and I was soon against the car door

I will not tolerate such behavior from you Miss Greene, I have told you before and I will tell you again he warned in a low peril tone

He closed his eyes opening them again to appear calm and collected once again, looking like the incident never even happened

Why are you like this?

This time stating out my thoughts

I could ask you the same Miss Greene

I just looked up at him, I felt exhausted and fatigue was taking its toll on me from the current events

He neared me briefly locking eyes as my heart began to race, he slowly slipped the strand of hair behind my ear looking toward me once again, almost debating something in his head

As he slowly caressed my cheek

What are you doing to me Miss. Greene?

I just stared at him, his eyes cool and calm now

He stared down at me once more before closing his eyes for a brief few seconds opening it and his face was impassive, his eyes cold and his demeanor was back to the cold informal demeanor…

He stared down at me one last time before stepping back and letting me to the world like freeing me

He grabbed ahold of my hand

Looking at me again

I’ll see you soon Miss. Greene, he stated ever so surely

Placing a kiss on my knuckles he withdrew

I was still scandalized what could I do? What should I do? I was so damn confused, what kind of person was he? What did we share just a minute back? How was he so calm again and impassive?

I nodded because I couldn’t trust my voice at this moment, as I strode to the door taking one last glance at the stranger who I may never encounter again and I slipped inside the apartment and out of his sight

Sliding back into my apartment to meet Harry who looked worried sick he rushed up hugging me

Where were you? I kept calling! Andrew wanted to know how you were, he said you left

I’m fine, I got a drop home

More like was forced a drop home…

Good, thank goodness your safe I was so worried he said hugging me and resting his head on my shoulder

If only he knew what had occurred…

But I wouldn’t tell him he already has enough on his plate with losing his job I don’t want to overboard him

I hugged back finding comfort in the arms of my best friend Harry

How did he know my roommate was Harry? How much he cares for me? How did he know where I lived? He has his means? Does he mean he was spying on me? Of course not, he only saw me today

I had so many questions so many questions… that were unanswered and will remain unanswered?

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