Stone Hearted- One Direction Fanfiction, Zayn Malik

She had no one to support her except her best friend harry when she lost the lost suit right after her parents died, his family grew distant and against her blaming her for their son's lunacy. They moved in together both struggling with money matters, taking up work at a cafe' where they only kept her because they apparently pitied her, they ill-treated her made her work over-shift and continued to hurt her feelings till she could take no more
But she met him, the most rich businessman, Zayn Malik the egocentric business-minded. Everything was normal until he took interest in her
With his intense persona, which intimidates her the most
Will there meeting end in jeopardy

What will she do if she loses her job


5. Hope never to meet you again

Chapter – 5

It’s been a week since I had met him but I can’t forget it the incident keeps replaying in my mind like a video the memory is driving me bonkers is an understatement, I’m just so curious about how he knew my name where I live Harry’s name and all that

Curiosity kills a cat Harry responded

I told the incident not exactly but I made a few changes he didn’t help me in any way only made it worse by teasing me all about it from how I practically didn’t know the stranger to that I would have lost it to think he drove such an expensive car…

Apparently that car is an ZM car too

All I did was mull over the events, But

  Curiosity is killing me

Sometimes I wish I meet him again but then I don’t want to…

I’ve been having mixed feelings about this since I met him, the curiosity and the dilemma are driving me crazy!!

I was back at work at La Café

But I was absent-minded alright all I did was think of who he could be and whether I’d ever, ever meet him again

Absent-minded, Yes

I’ve been reminded that so many times that now they canceled the name Miss. Clumsy and I got the name Absent-minded they all seem to tease from Harry to Martin and Jack…

Hey Al’ you there? Jack asked waving his hand in front of my face to snap me out of my daze

I am Jack I snapped this teasing was getting too over-board

Well I thought you were physically here and Mentally Absent, do you get it? Absent-minded?

He tried meekly to make a joke out of it but it was getting old but everyone seemed to crack up at the joke

Like seriously Jack?


I just shrugged

Well I wanted to tell you that you’re in for the evening

That caught my attention

Come’on Jack that’s not fair I yelled

Why do you mind? It’s not like you’re even here he yelled

I was so close to slapping him off his head but I’d lose my job the minute I do so I reluctantly took up the offer

And ya do not FORGET to shut down and lock, bye he yelled as he whisked off out and in his car and off the café was small but big enough to get him a good car

Not like a ZM or something but a decent looking car

That evening I sat by the fire-place alone there was no Harry to accompany me,

Harry had left for an interview at some place which I was too absent-minded to hear where

Eugene was only bound to come after a few days, Lou was too fun to enter such a boring place like La Café or so he says so I was alone in this desolated café

Sitting here I deduced whoever he was he was certainly morose, obnoxiously impassive, formal, control freak and that he had pried about me for sure

I felt the door open and the bells chime, the gust of wind indicating the arrival of a customer I looked up to see him and immediately I felt my heart jump up in my chest, plunging up I looked astounded but elated I didn’t know what to do to smile or to be upset?

Looking at my expression surely brought a smirk across his face his eyes were not dim or cold but vibrant for a reason I did not know

He walked up to me too close for my liking so I stepped back pushing him back, then I saw something flash in his eyes, he soon cleared his throat

I came to order a white coffee flat he stated

I felt hostile towards his tone; it was back the cold demeanor

He had a black fur coat on over his tuxedo a shawl like cloth wrapped over him he stared at me in the eye for a second his eyes icy cold, hypnotizing

I want it quick; I’m in a hurry he stated too curtly for me to comprehend

I nodded shortly rushing up filling the cup with coffee

Cream? I asked skittishly

No he stated firmly

I nodded thwarted

I passed him the cup he took it briefly taking a sip

Before I could even tell him the cost he passed me 1 pound

It’s only 45 cents

Keep the change he said grabbing his cup but I pulled him back

I can’t take this; it’s too much it’s double your cost

I couldn’t see him mentally rolling his eyes at me

He didn’t say a word but tried to stride out I caught ahold of his writs

Wait! I called

He turned around

Just take it, he said bluntly

I won’t

Why do you always have to be so difficult Miss. Greene?

I just stayed still

Looking at his composure stiffen and his form radiate cold his eyes holding the cold gleam once again and anger and confusion in his eyes

I didn’t know how to respond

He stepped forward turning to me

He pushed a strand away from my eyes, scrupulously

So guile so diverse so strenuously hard to comprehend so astonishingly confounding but at the same time you refuse to comply with anything I say or do

Letting go of me he stepped back

Why are you so incongruent? Why do you have to be that way, not easy for me to find out but like a puzzle I would really like to solve…

He stepped back once again as his eyes grew callous and distant

Such a false assumption never to be made again,

My heart raced again as I froze at his composure

Because you’re just a distraction…

He muttered confusing me all the more

Keep the change he said walking to the door stepping out he said in an emotionless tone

I hope to never meet you again

What was that? Why was he acting that way?

I finished my shift locking the door and hiding the key in the usual spot underneath the plant pot as I walked to my old broken-down car

I almost felt like someone was spying on me more like watching me intently

I slid into the car reversing it as it made a crating sound as I drove towards my flat

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