Stone Hearted- One Direction Fanfiction, Zayn Malik

She had no one to support her except her best friend harry when she lost the lost suit right after her parents died, his family grew distant and against her blaming her for their son's lunacy. They moved in together both struggling with money matters, taking up work at a cafe' where they only kept her because they apparently pitied her, they ill-treated her made her work over-shift and continued to hurt her feelings till she could take no more
But she met him, the most rich businessman, Zayn Malik the egocentric business-minded. Everything was normal until he took interest in her
With his intense persona, which intimidates her the most
Will there meeting end in jeopardy

What will she do if she loses her job


3. Date with Andrew?

Chapter - 3

Waking up next morning I remembered about my date with Andrew OMG what am I going to do? What am I going to wear? I called Laura up to come over and help me out and me down. Laura was the best when it came down to this subject,

My best friend Laura caring, stylish and compassionate and most of all understanding

She was here soon

She had me wearing a red pretty dress not too short not too long for my taste


Wearing black stalkings under it

I was just so nervous my first ever date how would I flare or suck?

God Al’ stop acting like you’re undergoing some sort of emotional crisis

Well I am

She glared at me

I was so nervous what if I messed up? What if he tries to kiss me? What do I do I went

God calm down Alex its bound to happen and don’t stress out its gonna get you nowhere all you have to do is wear that brilliant smile and be positive and cheery and I promise you that everything will go well

I don’t know Laura…

Oh gosh Alex you seriously got to chillax!!

Chillax??? Seriously Laura?

Sorry but it’s contagious his language..

I laughed as the bell rang

And my nerves going crazy again

God Laura…

Calm down she said pressing on my shoulder, you look beautiful so just smile

I nodded as we descended down the stairs and I saw Andrew

He looked good

But he had worn something so simple and me I passed a look at Laura more like a glare

We didn’t even seem to match!!

He smiled at me never-the-less

God this was such a mess he was in blue and white and me red and black does this even match in a million years?

Well no, Dh!!

He was so informal

I reluctantly followed after his retreating form outside the door not before giving Laura a last glare

Have fun she sounded almost skeptical

This was so pathetic I told myself more like in a repeating in an monotonous tone

He had his car parked outside

It was:

I wanted to go on and state cool car but that sounds so damn informal!!

But I went on

Nice car I said smiling at him

He beamed at me

You think, I know exactly I just got it a week back it’s a Octavia



Oh I state that’s the brand about which Jason was bragging off yesterday

I opened the door sliding in .It looked beautiful from inside

He slid in reversing the car and out of the lane

Where to?

Why should I tell? He asked teasing me

Well please

No can tell he said

I just pouted

He laughed at my expression

He continued to look back at the road driving

Want to listen to some music?

I don’t know maybe… I went I was feeling rather nervous

He stopped the car by the signal

Alex you have to ease out, don’t be all nervous


Really he said grabbing ahold of my hand

I looked at him attentively

He just stared at me I was starting to feel uncomfortable under his graze they seemed wrong in a way I just couldn’t understand

The car parked behind ours honked but he seemed too dazed to take notice

But I knew I was started to get off guard he just stared at me not in my eye but me like scanning my whole face

Andrew the signal

Oh ya he said as he went back to directing the car we were there in few minutes there was no conversation after that incident

I just didn’t seem to understand was this all because he looked at me that way? Well that’s supposed to be normal rite? I mean is it our date and my first date maybe that’s why I feel so unfamiliar and awkward to his behavior it was not foreign but I had never experienced such close inspection…

But then the fact was that Drew had never looked at me that way before then why did he? It was like this was the first time he noticed me I tried to banter against this but I couldn’t place a finger to what? , Now that he had finally asked me out it can’t be unless he had noticed me before but-

 Alex you alright? Drew asked tearing me away from my daze

Oh yes, I’m fine I stuttered

He stopped the car

He positioned my shoulder towards him as he looked at me briefly concerned

You’re not still nervous are you?

Nervous me? No way I am I mean I’m not

He just nodded at me

We had finally stopped as he parked the car outside the building

During the entire drive I couldn’t feel right so uncomfortable so not in place the reason

I decided I had to put my thoughts behind and act appropriately because I couldn’t afford to seem nervous and out of skin in front of Andrew

We stepped out of his car, the building was tall and well-sculptured it looked marvelous and beautifully lavished with good design,

I knew this place I’ve seen this before, it looks quite recent, but I couldn’t put my finger on it

It’s- it’s beautiful

I know Andrew dragged as he walked across from me soon by my side as he tugged his car key into his pocket

We entered the lavished building it looked beautiful and perfect both external as well as internally

That’s when it hit me; it’s the Golden Diamond Restaurant

It’s the golden diamond restaurant I exclaimed too loud for my preference because I had turned a few heads with my exclamation

I looked down embarrassed soon turning a shade of crimson

We walked up to the receptionist

Table 39

He stated she looked up and then typed a few keys as the information arrived on her monitor

Mr. Martinez the table at the corner not by the window with the normal style, lights elevated above and no drinks she recited

Andrew nodded

I was so close to laughing since when did people get this systematic she sounded like a robot! I swear if Lou were here…

Yes, Mr. Martinez, Miss Leland will lead you to your assigned table

We looked up to a blond who was apparently Miss Leland smiled at Andrew wearing a light sky blue top tucked in in a beige but not as Andrew’s Octavia but slightly lighter shade of beige  

She walked ahead she looked around the age of her early 20’s nothing more than the receptionist

She led us through to a table opposite to the bar to the slight corner not by the window as she had stated I looked at the other spot more isolated by the window if only, but maybe Drew didn’t prefer the window I shook the thought away  taking a seat as Drew slid in opposite me

He smiled his amazing smile

Do you like the place? he asked in a soft tone

Like the place? Drew I love it and my voice had reached a higher tone by the end of the sentence gathering a few onlookers never the less turning red I looked back at Drew who had his attention elsewhere, following his sight, lead to a couple sitting at the isolated spot, their sat a blond male staring vividly at us or more particularly me, he looked good but his stare made me shift in my seat uncomfortably noticing this a slight smirk pulled at the corner of his mouth as he stared at me, opposite him sat a blond woman who was looking at the man admiringly, I looked back at Andrew immediately not able to stand the stare he looked nervous for the first time today I called him and he soon looked at me lost

Sorry he asked slightly too apologetic for my liking

Drew you were lost

Oh sorry he laughed nervously which came out as a weak attempt on chuckling but I moved on

Drew this place is beautiful, how come you got me here

These words helped me capture his attention

Oh, well I thought you might like it and his weak smile was back on

But this was not drew not the drew I knew this one seemed too weak neglecting the valiant thought of something distracting him ever so obviously

I tried to make conversation but he just kept looking away

This place is so systematic I mean did you see that girl at the reception she was practically reciting our table

No response,

I felt sympathetic to myself this seemed hopeless


Oh ya Alex I know he went

I couldn’t hold back the frown but he warded it off

I tried further on commenting on the idea of him taking me out but he seemed far too distracted to listen to a word I was saying,

Drew he looked back at me all alert I felt despicable

Drew this so not working your barely even listening to a word I’m saying

Who says?

Drew it’s obvious

It was lucky the waiter came by to break up the banter

What would you like to order Mr. Martinez?

I’ll go with shezhan egg salad with prawn rice

Yes, and what would you like to order Miss Greene?

I looked at her perplexed how did she know my name?

I looked at Andrew with a raised eyebrow he just chuckled nodding at me in means to say he’d explain later

I would like potato mash with pepper chicken-bread

Pepper medium or less?

Medium not much will do, I said in the same formal accent that all of them seem to use in this place

Yes, she said smiling at us

Will that do?

Yes, but?

Drew asked


A bottle of water she asked

I stayed silent what’s wrong with a bottle of water? What is with this place?

Millie-liter half a liter quarter liter?

Half a liter will do Miss Lalander Drew answered saving me

Sparkling or normal?

Theirs sparkling water? I wanted to ask

Normal said Drew trying to avoid my amused expression

Thank you for your order, Mr. Martinez and Miss Greene you’re food and drink will be delivered to you accordingly she nodded with a smile dismissing herself

Woah I muttered

Somehow Andrew just looked ill-humored

I didn’t want to get back from where we started so I went back to trying conversation in vain

How did she know my name? I asked

Your name? Oh well, um.. I had told her your name when I booked the table

But why?

It’s our- I mean their custom

Oh I nodded in understanding

They take the names of the people you’re booking a table for

No wonder

He nodded he seemed so far away so distant and so different why? I looked back to see him look at the same table but this time he nudged my elbow to look back at him before I could have a proper look at the brunett looking at me from the same desolated table


I nodded

He first looked at me in word loss but then muttered

The food’s here

His face displayed no emotions the humor-filled drew was gone and here was the distant Andrew

I nodded as a different waitress placed the food on the table then taking off the cover

Enjoy the meal! She smiles and she walked back into the kitchen

The food looked glorious

Drew chuckled at look of my face

What? It looks delicious I say in my defense but when I look up he looks back nervous and afar to the same table but this time I was losing it this was supposed to be a date not stare at the other table contest

Drew he looked annoyed I was so close to giving up my first date how worse could it get all he does was look at the table not me, like he looked at me thoroughly in the car and now all he cares to do is look away at the distant table

I don’t think this is-

He cut me off sounding rather anguished for some reason

Exactly, I’m getting annoyed

You’re getting annoyed? what the heck did I do on this date to make you annoyed?

He looked at me annoyed but didn’t say a thing

Exactly, what has gotten into you I’ve noticed that from the time I got here all you did was stare that that distant table I said glaring at him

I saw him flush

I was not! He retorted back at me

Ya right, cause for the past 15 minutes or so all you’ve been doing is speaking to me! I said storming

He looked distant yet again, hopeless!


This date was a mistake he said looking at me for like the first time since we entered this restaurant

Then maybe it was I said getting up grabbing my purse as I rushed out of the place

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