I Hate You? I Love You?

Jess is bullied. Insecure. Jess has two people to care about her Jess is hit with some news!It destroys her. But what happens when she falls in love. With her bully... Will Jess forgive him? Will he forgive himself? Or will the bullied become the bully? Read to find out


2. Chapter 2

My P.O.V:


Form was just as normal as any other school day, being called names but I've learn't to ignore it. I was about to walk into my first lesson of the day, English when someone decided to stick their foot infront of me causing me to fall flat on my face. The class erupted into laughter. I stood up looking at the person who tripped me over. It was him. Harry Styles. 


'Watch where your going next time' He snickered


I just walked on ignoring him sitting in my seat next this nerdy boy named, Jack I think it was. I never spoke to him. I once worked on a project with him but he offered to do it all so I agreed to it. It got me out of doing it. 

Suddenly the class fell silent as Sir had walked into the classroom. I opened my book and wrote the Date and Title in it.


'Today class, we will be doing Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare' He half shouted across the classroom.

The class moaned as their response.

'Now now class, calm it, can you write down a whole 2 pages on Romeo and Juliet. I expect it to be down in silence. You have half an hour' he told the class.


I was 10 minutes into my 2 paged essay thing when I felt something hit the back of my head, I turned around and looked on the floor. There lay a piece of screwed up paper, I picked it up and unscrewed the very badly creased paper. I had wrote on it


You ugly whore, you don't deserve to live. Your ugly piece of shit, your mother hates you.


That didn't bother me as I knew my mum hated me, she told me that ever since I was 5 I was bad for her. I felt like running away a couple of times but I love my mum even though she may not love me.


I had difficult life but I pushed myself through the bad bits like when my Dad walked out on my mum, I tried my best to comfort mum but she pushed me away.



I turned around and Harry had a smug look on his face but I wasn't bother by it. 


He mouthed 

'Your so ugly a donkey looks better than you'

I mouthed back

'if your ganna insult me, make it hurt'

He's smile went after that. I could tell he wasn't happy that I stuck up for myself but I couldn't care less.

Finally the bell went and I made my way to Geography. I despised Geography so much, it's so boring. I hate the teacher the most. She is so strict, way too strict.

5 pages later, the break bell went but I had a funny feeling something was ganna happen..



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