The Cat's Bite,

You might find it insignificant to quicken your fate. This is, by all means, until you recognise the course of your destiny.
You have heard millions of stories. Tales of the past, articles of the present, and adventures of the fictional future. But you have never heard the legacy of the forgotten. The legacy of Blaire Murphy. The spy that goes by the name Cat, though she is sure to keep the sacrifice of her nine lives hidden.
Cat is admiring of thrill, putting her life on the thin line balanced out by uncertainty and secrets. She was an expert. She never failed a mission, that was until the day that she didn’t return.


2. Sandy Marvins


The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

~Albert Einstein

"Who? From where?" her glance drifts towards her feet. "All of them" she repeats. "All of the ones I caught. Thirteen of them. Well, six either died in prison or were on the death sentence anyway. Two died escaping. And Green Finger, along with three others escaped Henderson's prison cells on the twelth of this month". Cyrus glances at  her curiously "And the other one?"he asks. She diverts her gaze, "He got let out". He sighs patting her shoulder. "Come on Murphy, how's that even possible, all of them on the same day?"he returns to those that had escaped, she nods. "The court, west of Henderson's has been on lock-down ever since, they were cornered, they hid there. I though we had them". "Well didn't you?" he asks. "Until they disappeared. Inside the court. Vanished from thin air, I can't believe you haven't heard. It's only a couple of blocks from here". "So quincidence...they had an accomplys" he suggests. "After all of the time you've known me, I thought you'd' have leared at least one thing. I do not believe in quincidences".

"So what do we do now then?" he asks after a couple of moments of uninterrupted silence. She thinks for a while before coming up with an answer. "You're the detective here, but I think that we should visit my sister, I mean she wasn't best pleased that I sent her boyfriend to jail, they probably kept in touch". "We go to her then. Just let me get my keys, I'll meet you outside"

She leaves the office first, avoiding the remaining stares of his current team. And then she recognizes someone. "Sandy?" she asks. "Sandy Marvins?"she approaches the slender man, he sits by a computer typing away, turning as he hears his name. He was the only one that hadn't looked in advance, hypnotized by the blaring screen. "Blaire, how you doing?" he asks smiling kindly. "Oh you know, the usual".

He was her old co-worker, before she was assigned to undercover work. She hadn't seen him since. Even she and Harper had kept in touch. "I hear your still undercover" he whispers, close to her ear, his bristly blonde hair gnawing at her cheek. "Yeah" she replies. "I'm just not exactly supposed to discuss it, anyway how'd you know?" his warm smile glows, his fingers unconsciously playing with his tie. "Murphy" it was Cyrus. "Got to go, i'm stealing your boss for a couple of hours" she grins. "Okay then, nice seeing you Cat".

She makes her way to the elevator where Cyrus is discussing who was covering for him with a tall brunette. They're laughing. He certainly hadn't lost his soft spot for the law protectors. "You ready?" she asks, and they melt into the crowded elevator, barely unnoticed.

They approach his car. "Nice transport" she inquires, patting the jet black model. "Lamborghini" he smiles, tapping her hand away from his car. "I'm guessing you got a raise then, since the first time I met you". He laughs, blue eyes gleaming. "Yeah, you could say that" he answers. She rememberd that time very well, when they discoverd that they were going to be partners. He hadn't changed much, he'd grown some light stubble, though his shiny brown hair still gleamed the colour of a sandy beach when the sunlight hit it. She's changed of course. Nine times, precisely. "I've owned twelve different models since we met, baring in mind" she adds slyly. He grins and ushers her in to the vehicle.

She remains silent as they pass office blocks as tall as the sky itself, they mirror large waterfalls, each window an individual drop of water. Each person inside a different molecule. All equally needed to run the skyscrapers. Well maybe not equally. Her memory drifts back to the good old days, him and her chasing criminals, and returning home in the evenings like nothing had happened. The couldn't do that anymore. She's the first to speak. "How come your a sergeant now?" she asks. "It comes with experience I suppose" he says, his eyes glinting with humor. He smirks. "Whats so funny?" she asks. "You haven't changed" he replies "At all" he adds. She considers this, most things had. And she definitely had, each time. Wasn't it obvious? The only difference was that she remembered more, took it in more deeply, yet she reacted the same. 

They stop in traffic. "Then how come Marvins is working for you then?" she asks, he looks distant, curious. "I don't actually know, anyway I saw you talking to him, he remembers you then".  "Well how could he forget" she adds, smiling. And then she remembers their conversation. 'Nice seeing you' he'd said...'Cat'.

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