The Cat's Bite,

You might find it insignificant to quicken your fate. This is, by all means, until you recognise the course of your destiny.
You have heard millions of stories. Tales of the past, articles of the present, and adventures of the fictional future. But you have never heard the legacy of the forgotten. The legacy of Blaire Murphy. The spy that goes by the name Cat, though she is sure to keep the sacrifice of her nine lives hidden.
Cat is admiring of thrill, putting her life on the thin line balanced out by uncertainty and secrets. She was an expert. She never failed a mission, that was until the day that she didn’t return.


4. Explosions


Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

~John F.Kennedy

Arnold Boyce. He had done his time. But she would never forget his name. No-one ever did.He was let out on good behaviour, no-one could prove it anyway. She had been the one that had gotten him his first conviction. His first hours of jail time. His last. 

She was in a cellar, directly underneath the bridge in which she had first met him."Marina, darling" echoed a voice behind her. "There you are, I've been looking for you, I have something you need to know" she could sense him glaring right through her, like he did to those who had disowned him. "I have people in all four corners of the world, around them too, and you know what the most facinating thing is? No. It's that one's a cop. And they told me, that you are too"

She turned slowley, looking him in the eye. His pupils held rage burning away on the fuel of revenge. He was a plump man, yet he never left a trace of existance anywhere. He was sly, clever, manipulating. All of these qualities in which he would trap her with. "Who?" she asked, her voice cold. "Who?" she repeated louder, the word bouncing off all four stone walls and into his pinched ears. He grined at her then. They always seemed to grin.

"I create bombs my beauty, explosives that could end six million lives in six seconds. Does it really matter who has helped me?". She broadens her stance. "Yes". "Oh come on little girl, it's not like your going to make it out alive anyway!". His voice rises as he speaks, the tempo like a bark, to a harsh growl. "Precisely" she replies. And then he came at her. Almost ending her life at number six of nine. But he felt her pulse still beating, he didn't have time to finish her off. So he set a fire. And he ran.

He was found and charged for assulting a police officer, arson even. He was trialed for being an accomplys, but was never convicted. Even though he was not in fact the acomplys, but the leader. Thirty four years in prison. He was seventy-five, an old man. He couldn't come after her. But the reassurance didn't last long, she knew that he had spies, just like the police did. Just like she was. And she could now name the one who had told him that she was undercover that day. Marvins.

She drifts back to reality when Harper grasps her shoulder. Her sister in his other arm, handcuffed. Something was wrong. She was still smiling. Her moulth leans towards an explanation of her thoughts about her sister. But she stops misentance, closing it. "You okay?" Cyrus asks, his expression full of concern. And then she notices the glint in her sisters eyes. The phycotic glance. And then the grin. The one which we all held deep within us, released only when we have done something devious, and everyone else is none the wiser.The one which they all had, which they had all given her. Her thoughts drum against her skull, her vision blurring. Caitlin. Betrayl. Green Finger. Escape. Prison. Boyce...Explosives... "Get down!" she shouts.

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