The Cat's Bite,

You might find it insignificant to quicken your fate. This is, by all means, until you recognise the course of your destiny.
You have heard millions of stories. Tales of the past, articles of the present, and adventures of the fictional future. But you have never heard the legacy of the forgotten. The legacy of Blaire Murphy. The spy that goes by the name Cat, though she is sure to keep the sacrifice of her nine lives hidden.
Cat is admiring of thrill, putting her life on the thin line balanced out by uncertainty and secrets. She was an expert. She never failed a mission, that was until the day that she didn’t return.


3. A guilty conscience


A sister is both your mirror - and your opposite.

~Elizabeth Fishel

"Cat" she repeats aloud, they had begun driving again. "What, where?" Cyrus panicks, prepared to swereve the car out of the way of an innocent animal. "No" she says, and he relaxes. "You nearly gave me a heart  attack, can't I just call you Blaire? Or even Murphy? What is it anyway?". She sighs "No, i'm Cat now, it's unproffesional. Anyway, it's Sandy...he called me Cat". "So, don't you keep in touch?". his eyes remain on the road as they continue round a corner. He must have rememberd the way from when he dropped her of one time. Sweet. But not sweet enough. "No Harper, thats the whole point, we don't. And I only ever told you about my most recent name change, and my boss!". "Oh" he turns white, "Then how-" he's cut off. "Stop here" she says. And they get out of the car.

They buzz up to the third apartment, her sisters name on the button, rushed. They stand there on the pavement akwardly. She buzzes again. Then again, three times faster, as if the harder she pressed the button, the louder it would buzz. No answer. "Caitlin open this door right now, we need to ask you some questions!" she shouts into the reciver. Silence. And then...a casual "We?". 

She's about to repeat her statement when Cyrus steps in front of her, "Here, let me try". She waits, watching as he presses the tip of a finger to the buzzer. "Hello, Miss Murphy, I'm sorry to bother you, but me and your sister would like to ask you a couple of questions, on the matter of Henry Croft". More silence. And then a dull buzz. The door was open.

"How'd you do that?" she asks. "Im a detective, a sergent". "And?" she shivers. "And i'm Cyrus Harper" he smiles..."And out of everyone, I think I'd know that a lady appreciates a little bit of patience from time to time". She steps into the doorway, turning. "You never showed me any patience" she inquires. "Exactly" he grins, and she slaps his arm, rushing up the stairs.

"Caitlin" she nods, staring at her sister. "You remember Detective Harper, my ex-partner". She looked shocked. "You were married?".Cyrus grins, holding in a snigger.And she continues, facing her sister "No. My professional partner", she explains. She gives her sister a moment to catch on, and then glares at her. "Proffesional?" her sister finally scoffs. "Oh come on Blaire, your lifes never been prossesional, anything but! You hunt for Killers for God's sake, but you can never seem to find yourself, in those badly dressed characters and all!"..."Ouch" Cyrus whispers, his tone akwardly trailing. And then she smiles at her sister, turning to him. "Can we have a moment? I have a feeling that we have a lot to discuss"

She turns, sitting down on a pearl white couch. Her sister leading Cyrus into the kitchen, and whispering "There you go detective" in a pout. She shuts the door behind him gently, and then stands oppisite her sister. "So" Caitlin says.Cat turning red, she stands up. "So?" she asks, "Is that all you have to say for yourself?". "Yes" she replies. "Then I'll do the talking should I?" whispers Cat.

"Your boyfriend's escaped, but of course you know that, don't you! Do you keep it touch?" she shouts, making her way to the coat's stand inspecting it. "What are you doing?" her sister asks, running after her, "What? have you got something to hide?" questions Cat. "On my coat's stand? No." she says. "Okay then, is he staying here?" she asks. "No, what are you talking about! You went undercover for me, your my sister. I wouldn't hide him in my apartment-" she's cut off."Stop right there. I didn't do that for you! I did it to catch a criminal" Cat shouts. "Of course, I'd have expected just as much!" replies her sister. "Well I appologise for my unaceptable behaviour"she says. They stand there for a moment, silent. And the Cat whispers, close to her sisters ear, "You've just got a guilty conscience" and her sister lunges at her.

She puts her arms up in defence, but before she knows it Cyrus is back in the room, holding her sister back. "Are you sure you don't know anything about Henry?" he asks Caitlin calmly. "No, I know nothing about his disapperance" she says. And they all stand there motionless. And then her sister speaks again, leaning in close to her... "But Boyce sure as hell says hi".

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