The other world

Jessie walks into a stall to hear something horrible from an old woman and when she walks out she is horrified at what she sees.....


4. The old woman and her advice

"Ok ok" the old woman said quickly. "Don't get mad! All you have to do is come into this stall one by one and you will get home! So that's what they did. To their amazement they found themselves in Jessie's house! Jessie's mum came over to Jessie and max and said casually " so how did it go?"

"How did what go"

" the walk"

"Good I guess"


Jessie and max were amazed to hear that everyone never knew where they had been. But max and Jessie didn't care. As long as they were home. Jessie gave max a kiss on the cheek as he left. Jessie promised to visit him and to stay in touch. That's what they did.

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