The other world

Jessie walks into a stall to hear something horrible from an old woman and when she walks out she is horrified at what she sees.....


1. The new world

Jessie and her mother were in the shopping centre, Jessie wanted to get her most favourite watch ever. So her mum gave her €10 to get it.

Jessie ran over to the stall and to her amazement there was a very very old woman standing there, no offence to her but Jessie thought she was 100 years old! The woman said to Jessie " you made a big mistake walking into this shop without anyone with you!". Jessie begged the woman "please don't kidnap me! I'm only a child!" But the woman said" WHAT? I won't kidnap you! It's just you will find out what has happened as soon as you walk out of this shop!

Jessie decided to just leave and not bother about the watch. But to her horror as soon as she walked out if the stall, everything had changed completely! Her mum wasn't there and everyone that was in the shops was gone! All the shops were closed down too and all the doors were locked!

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