The other world

Jessie walks into a stall to hear something horrible from an old woman and when she walks out she is horrified at what she sees.....


2. The amazement

Jessie wanted to scream when she saw cannibals walking down the hall eating what looked like a human brain! Jessie wanted to run but she knew that all the doors were locked so she just dived behind some boxes. Jessie realised that she had just entered another world and that she had to find that old woman to take her back to her own world.

When the cannibals had left Jessie darted around the place looking for any sign of human life. There seemed to be no one when suddenly something grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into the darkness.

Jessie wanted to shout out but someone's hand or something was covering her mouth. The first thoughts that lopped into her head were the cannibals holding her stiff so that someone could get a knife to eat her. But she was amazed to turn around and see a boy about 3 years older than her covering her mouth with his big hands.

Once he thought it was safe he pulled Jessie to her feet. Jessie couldn't help looking at his muscles and the boy noticed and started smirking. " ok my name is max and yours?" He asked. "Oh it's Jessie"

"Nice name for a girl!"


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