The other world

Jessie walks into a stall to hear something horrible from an old woman and when she walks out she is horrified at what she sees.....


3. Max

"Ok so how did you get here?" Jessie asked

" oh I walked into a stall where an oul woman told me that I shouldn't have walked into the stall alone so here is where I turned up!" Max answered casually. "Same here" Jessie said.

"Ok let's try and get out of here"


To their amazement they found the old woman and the stall! They wandered into it together and looked around. They really missed their family and they really wanted to get home as fast as they could. But they needed the old woman to help them so they called out and of course max was way louder than Jessie. She looked up at him admiringly and listened to his manly voice.

Suddenly the old woman popped up from behind the counter! "Ooohhhhh! You two are in luuuurrrvvvee!!" The woman shrieked. "Shut up!" Jessie screamed, trying to stop herself from blushing. Max broke the awkward silence by saying " what kind of monster are you? Making kids go into your stall so that they will lose their family and maybe even get eaten by them cannibals!

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