Surviving The Dead 3

Surviving The Dead 3; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** A short summary from the previous series... James and Kim reunited for a split second before he got killed by Lincoln. Word is that Eleanor is expecting and it could be James. Also, Harry and Kim had hooked up before reuniting with James. Niall on the other hand turned into a walker from losing a lot of blood from a bear trap. In series 3, the group is on their way to find the other safe camp that Liam heard from the radio, as they go on, Eleanor starts to show, and she tells them, it's Louis. Read on and see how Eleanor deals with her pregnancy, and if Kim will find out or not.


9. Episode 9 - Off To Texas

(2 Months Later) 

Baby: *crying* 

Eleanor: Ok, shhh, don't cry baby, mommy's here. 

Kim: Here, let me hold him, you must be tired. 

Eleanor: *hands the baby over to kim* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey baby.  

Baby: *smiles a bit* 

Kim: *gives the baby a weird look* Eleanor? 

Eleanor: Yeah? 

Kim: You said Louis was the father right? 

Eleanor: Uh, yeah? Why? 

Kim: *hands the baby to Eleanor* Why does he look like my husband James when he smiles? 

Louis: *looks at Eleanor and then kim* What you mean? 

Kim: You're not a blonde Louis, neither is Eleanor. How is your baby a blonde?  

Louis: *looks at Eleanor* 

Kim: Only James had blonde hair, and also Niall, but you were never with Niall.  

Louis: Eleanor? Did you have an affair with James behind me and Kim's back? 

Eleanor: *cries* I was raped ok! 

Kim: What? James would never... 

Eleanor: That's why I asked if you were raped that day Kim!  

Kim: Eleanor. *cries* 

Eleanor: *crying* He was forced by Lincoln. He had no choice to, but to rape me... *cries more* I wanted to scream so badly, but I knew no one was gonna come rescue me. 

Kim: Eleanor! *hugs Eleanor* 

Eleanor: I'm so sorry Kim. 

Kim: No, don't be. 

John: The suns almost setting, let's get some rest, we have a long day to get to Texas. 

All: *goes to bed* 

Eleanor: *pics up her baby* C'mon son, we have to go. *brings the baby down to the lake* Please forgive your mother honey, I never wanted this to happen to you at all. *cries* I love you so much, but you can't have this life anymore because of the apocalypses taking over. *kisses her baby* I'm sorry. *drowns the baby* 

Baby: *cries* 

Eleanor: *crying/pushes the baby down more* 

Baby: *suffocates and dies* 

Eleanor: *hugs her baby crying* I'm so sorry honey, please wake up, please wake up back into mom's arms. *cries harder* 

Baby: *pale/dead* 

Eleanor: *puts the baby the edge/takes out the knife* God, please forgive me for this. *stabs herself in the heart/gasp for air* Hell... help me. *falls to the ground and slowly dies* 

(The Next Morning) 

Louis: Eleanor? Eleanor! 

All: *wakes up* What's going on? 

Louis: Have you guys seen Eleanor? 

Kim: What? 

Louis: I woke up and she was gone! 

Kim: She can't be! Eleanor! 

Eleanor: *eating her baby* 

Kim: Elean... *screams* 

Harry: *runs to kim with everyone* Kim? 

Louis: *sees Eleanor eating the baby* Eleanor? *cries* 

Eleanor: *looks at Louis* 

Louis: *sees the knife in her chest/walks around Eleanor* How could you have such a heart like this? Why didn't you tell anyone? Why did you do this for? 

Eleanor: *runs towards Louis and attacks him* 

Harry: Louis! 

Kim: *shocked* 

Eleanor: *eating Louis/looks at kim and walks towards her* 

Bryan: *grabs Eleanor by the hand and puts her in the yes lock* 

Eleanor: *growls* 

Bryan: *hand slips into Eleanors mouth* 

Eleanor: *bites bryan* 

Bryan: *screams* 

Eleanor: *bites more onto bryan* 

Bryan: *kicks Eleanor and runs to the group* 

John: *clicks the gun at bryan* Stop right there. 

Bryan: John? *gasping for air* 

John: *cries* You're not Bryan anymore. 

Bryan: It's me John, guys? *looks at the group* 

John: *turns the trigger* 

Bryan: John? *screams and runs towards john* 

John: *fires at bryan* 

Bryan: *falls to the ground and dies* 

John: *turns the gun over* Let's go. *leads off* 

Randy: You're just gonna leave him there? 

John: What else did you want with him? 

Randy: Well... I don't know!  

John: *cont. walking off* 

Dean: *slowly limps to catch up* 

Kim: *looks back at dean* 

Dean: *struggling to catch up* 

Seth: *looks back* C'mon Dean. *helps dean* 

(A Few Days Later) 

Randy: *getting weak* 

Seth: Whoa? You alright there Randy? 

Randy: I'm fine Seth. *breathing hard* 

Dean: *sees randys side* He's been biten! 

Randy: *looks back* What? 

Dean: That part that ripped on your shirt, you were bitten, I can see the mark. 

Randy: *covers his side and looks at the group* 

Seth: Is that true? 

Randy: No! *coughs out blood* 

Harry: *shoots randy from behind* There, problem solved. 

Randy: *body twitching* 

Seth: *shocked* 

Dean: *feels bad* 

John: We should find a place to stop and eat. 

Harry: Like what huh?! What's open here in Arizona huh!? 

John: I don't know, with us five left, what is there to do? We have to eat or were gonna all die traveling to Texas. 

Seth: You fucking idiot! *attacks harry from behind* 

Harry: *flies across the ground* 

Kim: Harry!  

Seth: *beating up harry* 

John: *pulls seth back* 

Dean: *grabs a hold of seth* 

Harry: *runs and beats up seth to the ground* 

Seth: *pulls his blade and stabs harry* 

Harry: *groans* 

Kim: *screams* Harry! *runs to harry* 

Seth: *pushes harry off him* Idiot man!  

Dean: *stares at seth in shock* 

Seth: *laughs* 

John: *pulls the gun to seth head from behind* 

Seth: *chuckles* Hey, what do you think you're doing huh? *turns around* 

John: *shoots seth*

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