Surviving The Dead 3

Surviving The Dead 3; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** A short summary from the previous series... James and Kim reunited for a split second before he got killed by Lincoln. Word is that Eleanor is expecting and it could be James. Also, Harry and Kim had hooked up before reuniting with James. Niall on the other hand turned into a walker from losing a lot of blood from a bear trap. In series 3, the group is on their way to find the other safe camp that Liam heard from the radio, as they go on, Eleanor starts to show, and she tells them, it's Louis. Read on and see how Eleanor deals with her pregnancy, and if Kim will find out or not.


7. Episode 7 - 6 Months Later/It's A Boy

Eleanor: I need to rest guys, I can't go anymore. Maryse: How many months are you? Eleanor: I don't even know, maybe 7 months now. Maryse: Do you happen to know what you're having? Eleanor: No. Jillian: From the looks of it, it looks like you're gonna be having a son, you can't be 7 months, maybe 8 months by now. Eleanor: Really? Louis: *smiles* Eleanor: *smiles* Son or daughter, I'm gonna he happy with it. Louis: We're gonna be a happy family babe. Eleanor: *smiles sad and looks over at zayn* Zayn: *looks away* Let's rest here tonight, we can travel again tomorrow or so. Harry: Yeah, let's do that. Bryan: It's been 6 months guys, I don't think we're gonna find your group. Seth: He's right, let's just go to Texas, maybe they're going there already without you. Kim: Or they could be looking for me still. Nikki: Kim! Look around! Do you see any of your people! Kim: *thinks back* Eve: Nikki, just let that girl think ok. Nikki: *makes a face* (Kim's Flashback) Kim: Harry, can we stop to rest please. I can't go anymore. Harry: No, we have to get moving. It's almost sunset; we need to find a place to stay for our safety. Kim: Do you think we'll ever find the others? Harry: I doubt they're still alive. Kim: You don't know that! Maybe they got away too! We can look for them, yeah? Harry: *looks kim in the eyes* Kim, look around us, it's been 25 days, you really think we'll find them now? Kim: It doesn't matter, we gotta believe, maybe they are still alive. What if they're nearby! Harry: *looks at kim mad* Hey Liam! Hey Niall! Zayn, Perrie! Louis! Eleanor! Oh wait, I'm missing someone else too ain't I? James! Come out wherever you are! Kim: Harry! Nikki: Kim? Kim: No, if it took one month to find my husband, I believe we can find my group as well. *walks off* Nikki: Kim! It's been 6 months! We're not gonna... Walker: *attacks nikki* Nikki: *screams* Kim: *looks back* Nikki! John: Nicole! *runs to nikki's rescue* Brie: Nicole! *running to nikki* John: *kills the walker* Nikki: *gushing out blood* John, leave me. John: No, I can't leave you behind. Brie: Nicole. *cries* Nikki: Brie, I love you. Brie: *holding nikki's hand* I love you too Nikki. Nikki: Please, just go without me. Kim: Nikki, I am so sorry. Nikki: *smiles in tears* I, I hope you find your group and reunite with them Kim. It was such a great, great journey to be with you. Kim: *cries* It was a great journey to be with you too Nikki. Nikki: *smiles* John. John: I'm right here Nicole, I'm right here. I want you to breathe with me alright, 1, 2... Nikki: *exhales and slowly dies* Brie: *cries her eyes out* Bryan: *comforts brie* John: *cries into nikkis chest* I love you Nicole. Nikki: *transforming/breathing* Kim: *looks at nikki* John, John! John: *looks at nikki* Nikki: *breathing/opens her eyes* John: *cries* No. Nikki: *slowly getting up* John: *gets up and aims the gun at nikki* Brie: Please don't John. *crying* Kim: *takes the gun from john* John: *looks at kim* Brie: Please don't hurt her. Kim: Brie, I'm sorry. Brie: *cries into bryans chest* Kim: *looks at nikki and kneels down to her* I'm sorry this had to happen to you Nicole. *closes her eyes and shoots nikki in the brains* Nikki: *dies* Bries: *cries harder* Bryan: *hugs brie tighter* Kim: *turns the gun over to john and walks off* Dean: Wow? Alright, let's go guys. John: *stays back and looks at nikki* Eve: C'mon John. *grabs johns hand and walks off* Eleanor: You guys, I think this is it. I'm having my baby tonight. Louis: You can't be? You're only 7 or 8 months Eleanor? Eleanor: I'm leaking. Jillian: Hold Jeanette for me Maryse, I'll deliver the baby. Eleanor: Louis, please just kill me after I give birth. Louis: I can't. Eleanor: Please! Don't you dare hesitate ok Louis! It's for the best, so I don't turn and try to hurt you or anyone else. Louis: *crying* Eleanor, you're gonna be ok. Jillian: Alright, here it goes, I need you to push ok Eleanor? Eleanor: *pushes/screams in pains* Louis: *holding eleanors hand* Eleanor: *screaming in pain* Louis: Shhh... you're gonna attract walkers nearby. Eleanor: *crying* I'm sorry. Louis: *gives Eleanor a kiss* Jillian: I see the head, c'mon Eleanor, you can do it. Maryse: Here, hold Jeanette, I'm gonna help Jillian. Eleanor: *pushes again* Jillian: Almost there. Eleanor: *cries in pain* Jillian: I got it, another push Eleanor! Eleanor: *pushes again* Jillian: *pulls out the baby* Eleanor: *pushes harder* Jillian: I got it, it's a boy. Baby: *cries* Louis: *takes off his shirt and wraps it around the baby* Hey, hey there, daddy's here. Eleanor: *feels bad/faints in exhaustion* Maryse: Eleanor! Louis: Eleanor? *shoves the baby to Maryse* Eleanor? Eleanor! Walkers: *approaches nearby* Harry: C'mon let's go! Walkers alert! Louis: *carries Eleanor and runs* Go! All: *runs* Baby: *crying* Kim: Did you hear that? Brie: What? Baby: *cries nearby* Kim: That! All: *listens carefully* Baby: *cries closer* Dean: *pulls kim nearby* Liam/Zayn: *runs face to face with the other group* All: *aims their guns* Liam: *quickly puts his hands up* Don't shoot please! Zayn: *puts his hands up* Kim: Liam? Zayn? Liam/Zayn: Kim. Kim: *runs and hugs liam and zayn* Dean: *looks at kim* Kim: Where's the rest? I heard a baby crying. Liam: Yes, it's Eleanor, she's... Kim: Is she ok? Liam: Yes, her baby needs food, you guys were already here, have you guys come across any baby food? Kim: We just got here when we heard the cry. Zayn: C'mon, help us look for some food. Kim: C'mon guys! Liam: *digging in cabinets and drawers* Zayn: I found it! Liam: *runs to the zayn* Kim: *runs to zayn* I got the diaper bag. Liam: Good girl Kim. *hugs kim* Kim: Harry? Is he still... Liam: *putting the baby food and formula in the bag* Yes, he's alive. Kim: Where is he! Liam: We'll go together Kim. All: *heads back to the other group* Liam: *walks to Louis and give him the bottle* Here, feed him. Louis: *makes the bottle and feeds the baby* Liam: Harry, I found something for you. Harry: What? Dean/Kim: *walks to the other groups* Harry: Kim? Kim: Harry. *runs and hugs harry* Harry: *cries and hugs kim tighter* I thought I lost you forever. Kim: *cries* No you didn't. Harry: What happened? Kim: *looks over at dean* Dean helped saved my life. Harry: *walks over to dean* Thank you Dean. I'm Harry Styles. Dean: So you're Harry Styles. Harry: Yes I am. Dean: *smiles* You got yourself a strong and beautiful wife. Harry: *looks at kim* Thank you? Kim: *smiles* Harry: *smiles and looks at dean* Stay with us? Dean: Yeah, just let me go get my group. Harry: There's more? Dean: Yeah. Harry: Alright, bring them all. Dean: I'll be back. Kim: *walks to Louis* Where's Eleanor? Louis: She's still out from giving birth. Kim: Is she ok? Louis: Yeah, I think she is. Kim: *checks on Eleanor* All: *returns to harry's group* Maryse: Eve! *runs and hugs eve* Eve: Where'd you go? I was so worried! Maryse: Where's Kelly and Nikki? Brie: They didn't make it. *sits down* Maryse: I'm sorry. *makes a sad face* Eleanor: *wakes up* Kim: *smiles* Hey Eleanor? How are you feeling? *wiping down Eleanor* Eleanor: Kim? *sits up* Kim: Yeah, it's me Eleanor, I'm back. *smiles softly* Congrats on the new bundle? Eleanor: *cries* Kim. *sits up and hugs Eleanor* Kim: *smiles and hugs Eleanor back* It's good to see you too Eleanor, it's good to see you. *closes her eyes and smiles* Baby: *crying* Eleanor: My baby? Kim: He's ok, he's been fed. Eleanor: How? Kim: We found some formula's at a nearby store. Eleanor: Oh thank god, how'd you find us? Kim: I was with another group that belonged with Mike and Maryse, Liam and Zayn found me, and we came back with them. Eleanor: *smiles* I'm so happy you are back, we lost Perrie back at the house. Kim: Yeah, I saw that. *tries not to cry* Louis: *walks to Eleanor and kim* Look, it's our son Eleanor. Eleanor: *smiles and takes the baby* Kim: Did you give him a name? Eleanor: No, we're just gonna stick with baby for now. Kim: *smiles and looks at the baby* He looks a lot like... Eleanor: Who? Kim: You, he looks nothing like Louis. Eleanor: Well... well, he's, he's still a newborn. Kim: Are you ok Eleanor? Eleanor: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Kim: *smiles* I'll be back to check on you. I'm gonna go greet the others. Eleanor: Ok. Kim: *leaves* Link: Kim! *runs and hugs kim* I missed you Kim! Kim: *smiles* Hi Link, it's good to see you too. Ashley: Want some? It's not much, but it's all we can afford for now. Kim: *smiles* Wow, a lot's changed in 6 months hasn't it? Ashley: We've learned to grow up fast, thanks to Harry. Harry: *smiles* Kim: *smiles* What did he do? Ashley: He told us that we had to grow up fast because it's our own job to save our own life if no one makes it out alive. Kim: *chuckles* And he's right. Ashley: Yeah. Kim: Where's Chris? Ashley: He's helping my dad and Liam catch fish. Kim: *smiles* I'll be back. *walks off* Dean: Hey Kim. Kim: Yeah? *smiles* Dean: *chuckles* Kim: What? Dean: It's the first time I've seen you smile. Kim: *smiles softly* Oh. Dean: You should smile more. Kim: Listen Dean, I thank you for helping me and letting me find my people. You are a good person Dean. Dean: I actually thought I had you to myself for 6 months, but I guess this is where I say goodbye right? Kim: Dean, what are you talking about? Dean: It's just... nevermind Kim. Kim: No tell me Dean. Dean: My group and I are gonna head to Texas first, we don't want to get stuck behind with you guys, knowing you guys have kids and now a newborn. Kim: Please, stay with us Dean. You said we can go there together, why back out now? Dean: It's just too much of us, and we're not gonna all make it out alive with this many of us. Kim: We can try, I have faith in us. Dean: Faith? Kim: Yeah. Dean: You really want us to stay? Kim: Please. Dean: *stares at kim* Kim: *stares at dean/grabs his hand* Please stay here with us... for me? Dean: *smiles softly* I'm sorry Kim. Kim: *pulls onto dean and hugs him* Please don't leave me, you're like my other half already... I've been with you for 6 months now, I can't just let you go like I've never even known you. Dean: *feels bad* Kim: I don't want you here Dean, I need you here. Dean: *pulls kim back and looks at her* Kim: *stares into deans eyes* Dean: *slowly leans towards kim and kisses her* Harry: *slowly walks thru the bushes and sees dean kissing kim* Kim: *wraps her arms around deans neck and kisses him back* Harry: *stops* Kim: Please stay with us Dean. Dean: Yeah, yeah we'll stay with you guys. *smiles* Kim: *smiles happy* Thank you Dean! *hugs dean happily and closes her eyes* Dean: *hugs kim back and puts his chin on kims head and smiles* Harry: *hurt/walks back to his group*
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