Surviving The Dead 3

Surviving The Dead 3; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** A short summary from the previous series... James and Kim reunited for a split second before he got killed by Lincoln. Word is that Eleanor is expecting and it could be James. Also, Harry and Kim had hooked up before reuniting with James. Niall on the other hand turned into a walker from losing a lot of blood from a bear trap. In series 3, the group is on their way to find the other safe camp that Liam heard from the radio, as they go on, Eleanor starts to show, and she tells them, it's Louis. Read on and see how Eleanor deals with her pregnancy, and if Kim will find out or not.


6. Episode 6 - Escape

Kim: *running with the group* 

Dean: *aims at the walkers and hits them across the head with the gun* C'mon! 

All: *running away from the camp* 


Kelly: *falls to the ground* I can't run anymore guys. *exhausted* 

Dean: C'mon! We're almost out of sight! 

Kelly: *tries to get up* 

Kim: *runs back to Kelly and helps her up* C'mon! *runs with Kelly* 

Dean: *leads the way* 

Walkers: *follows the group* 

Roman: *shoots the walkers* 

Seth: *joins roman* 

John: *beating up the walkers* 

Randy: snaps the walkers head* 

Mike: C'mon Maryse! *runs off another direction with Maryse* 

Maryse: Wait! What about the others? 

Mike: I'm not gonna die here today Maryse! C'mon! 

Maryse: *runs with mike* 

John: Mike! Wait up! 

Mike: Don't look back Maryse, don't look back! *running* 

Maryse: *running with mike* 

John: Wait up! C'mon guys! *leads off* 

All: *runs* 

Kelly: *runs across a walker on the ground* 

Walker: *grabs kellys leg and bites her* 

Kelly: *screams in pain* 

All: *looks back* 

Kim: Kelly! 

Harry: *wakes up* 

Liam: Harry? You alright? 

Harry: Did you hear that? 

Liam: Hear what? 

Harry: Kim. I heard Kim, you didn't hear her? 

Liam: No one's heard anything in the last 9 hours Harry. 

Harry: No, I heard Kim. *gets up and walks up to the house* Kim? *opens the door* 

Walker: *about to attack harry* 

Harry: *screams and pushes the walker/closes the door* 

Liam: Harry! *runs up the stairs* 

Harry: I'm ok. 

Liam: What happened? 

Harry: Almost got us killed. 

Derek: What! 

Harry: I'm sorry Derek. 

Derek: We need a plan C in case they break in. 

Zayn: I thought you said the basement was secure? 

Derek: It is, but door isn't gonna hold us. 

Zayn: I'll put the frame back up, where's the exit? I'll come from there. 

Derek: You're gonna need a partner to back you up in case, I'll be the one. 

Zayn: Each night we can lock up like that, I think that'll keep us safer. 

Jillian: Yes, I think so too. 

Ashley: Mom, I'm scared. 

Jillian: Don't be honey, mom's here. 

Dean: *pulling kim* C'mon, let's go Kim! *pulls kim and runs* 

Kim: *runs with dean* 

Roman: Stop! 

All: *stops* 

Roman: Let's stay here and get some rest, it's getting late. 

Randy: Roman's right, hey where'd did Mike and Maryse go? 

John: They took off on their own. 

Randy: We have to find them! 

John: No, who knows which direction they went and if they are still alive or not anymore. We just have to move on, just us 13 is fine, less people to look after. 

Kim: Do you guys remember which way you found me Dean? 

Dean: I don't I'm sorry, we were just out on a hunt and we happened to see you getting attacked. 

Kim: That's where my group is Dean! I need to get back there as soon as possible. 

Dean: I know, I'm sorry, we're trying to Kim. 

John: Hey, don't worry, we'll get you back to your group, or we can all join force and leave to Texas together. 

Seth: Yes, that sounds like a great idea too. 

Dean: Let's do that then. 

(Later That Night) 

Mike: Look, a house babe. 

Maryse: Let's go in. 

Mike: *breaks into the house* 

Walkers: *approaching* 

Maryse: *screams* 

Mike: *runs into the house with Maryse* 

Walkers: *pushing through* 

Harry: *runs upstairs* 

Walkers: *rushes into the house* 

Harry: This way! 

Mike: *grabs Maryse and runs towards harry* 

Harry: C'mon! *closes the door and locks it* Go! 

Mike: *running down the stairs* 

Derek: Are you bit? 

Mike: No, no! 

Maryse: I'm scared babe. 

Walkers: *bangs against the door* 

Derek: We need to think of plan C now. 

Mike: What?! We're not safe here?! 

Louis: Well we were! Until you guys broked in! 

Mike: Sorry. 

Eleanor: Ow. 

Maryse: What's wrong? Is she bitten? 

Louis: No! She's pregnant. 

Maryse: Aw, congrats. *smiles* 

Eleanor: Thanks. *moves in pain* 

Walker: *bangs on the door harder* 

(Door Breaks A Little) 

Derek: Shit, we're gonna have to make the run you guys. *breaks open the exit* 

Jillian: I can't do this with my babies! I can't lose any of my babies Derek! 

Zayn: I'll take Jeanette. 

Liam: And I'll take Jackson, so you can make a quicker run out Jillian. 

Jillian: Thank you guys. *smiles* 

Harry: *looks at link* You got this Link?  

Link: I'm sorry Harry. 

Harry: It's ok. *hugs link* Once that door opens, you got to already be quick to jump out ok? And after that... *cries* We're gonna be running a lot and won't get to come back here anymore ok. 

Link: *cries* Ok, 

Harry: *looks at Ashley and chris* 

Ashley: *crying* 

Harry: Be ready Ashley, no more crying, Chris? This is the part where you guys get to act like adults and think like one now ok. No more being childish, and no more being scared.  

Zayn: He's right, time to be strong and save your own life now. We are no longer safe anymore. 

Ashley: Let's do this. 

Derek: I'll be out first for watch out. 

(Door Break Open) 

Kids: *screams* 

Harry: Go! *shoots the walkers* 

Louis: Go Eleanor, don't look back. *kisses Eleanor and helps shoot the walkers with harry* 

Eleanor: *climbs out* 

All: *climbs out of the basement* 

Harry: *cont. shooting the walkers* C'mon Louis, let's go, there's too many. *climbs out* 

Louis: Harry. 

Harry: *looks at Louis* 

Louis: Go. 

Harry: What? 

Louis: Someone has to stop them from catching up, I'll stay behind. 

Harry: *cries* Louis, no, c'mon, I got you. 

Louis: *cries* Go, don't worry about me, take care of Eleanor. 

Harry: No! I'm not leaving you behind Louis! *tries to help Louis* 

Walker: *reaches up for Louis* 

Louis: Go Harry. *lets go/about to fall* 

Harry: *grabs onto Louis* Pull Louis! 

Louis: *pulls himself up* 

Harry: C'mon! Almost there! 

Louis: *climbs out* 

Harry: You alright? 

Louis: Thanks Harry. 

Harry: C'mon. 

Louis: *runs with harry* 

Group: *runs for safety* 

Dean: You alright? 

Kim: Yeah I'm fine. 

Dean: We're gonna find your group, don't worry. 

Kim: I know we will. 

Dean: *smiles* Get some rest. 

Harry: Look, a camp safe? 

Mike: No! We can't go there! 

Liam: Why? 

Mike: That's where we came from. 

Maryse: We don't want to go back, we'll get killed. 

Zayn: How? 

Mike: Once in there, there's no escaping, and if you do and you come back... 

Maryse: You're dead. 

Harry: How many are there? 

Mike: We're out numbered. 13 others are out there somewhere loose. 

Harry: Wait, 13 others escaped with you two? How'd you two separate from them? 

Mike: We ran off first while they were killing walkers. 

Triple H: Who are you? 

Harry: Don't shoot us please.  

Mike: *hiding with Maryse* 

Triple H: I said who are you! 

Harry: Um, I'm Harry Styles, my group and I was just passing by, we, we mean no harm to you guys. 

Triple H: You passing by or you stay here. 

Harry: Um, hold on. 

Mike: You guys go, Maryse and I got to go. C'mon. *grabs maryse's hand and runs off* 

Harry: We're passing by. 

Triple H: Then get the hell on or I'll shoot you guys in 5 seconds! 

Derek: Please don't! We have kids with us. 

Jillian: *walks out with Jeanette and Jackson* 

Triple H: *sees the kids* 10 seconds! 

Harry: C'mon! *runs off the other direction with the group* 

(The Next Day) 

Kim: *stops in front of roman* 

Roman: Kim? 

Kim: *blinks like crazy* 

Roman: Guys!  

All: *turns back* 

Kim: *slowly walks to the house* 

Dean: Kim? 

Kim: *cries* Harry. Harry! *runs to the house* 

Walker: *jumps at kim* 

Kim: *screams and falls to the ground* 

Dean: *runs to kim and pulls the walker off kim and stabs it* You ok? What the heck were you thinking? 

Kim: *crying/looking at the house* Harry. *gets up and walks to the house* Harry? *walks in the house*  

Nikki: What happened? 

Kim: My... this is our safe house. What happened? 

Bryan: Looks like someone broked in and lead walkers in. 

Kim: It can't be. *walks to the basement* Harry?  

Brie: *comforts kim* I'm sorry Kim, I'm so sorry. 

Kim: He's not dead, no one was left behind. 

Randy: How sure are you? 

Kim: I didn't see any of their bodies. Let's go. 

Dean: C'mon, let's get moving then, they can't be too far from here. 

Kim: *sees perrie's body* Perrie? *walks to perrie's body* 

Perrie: *dead/rotten* 

Kim: *cries* I'm sorry this happened to you Perrie. 

Brie: *cries* 

Kim: Let's go guys. *leads off*

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