Surviving The Dead 3

Surviving The Dead 3; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** A short summary from the previous series... James and Kim reunited for a split second before he got killed by Lincoln. Word is that Eleanor is expecting and it could be James. Also, Harry and Kim had hooked up before reuniting with James. Niall on the other hand turned into a walker from losing a lot of blood from a bear trap. In series 3, the group is on their way to find the other safe camp that Liam heard from the radio, as they go on, Eleanor starts to show, and she tells them, it's Louis. Read on and see how Eleanor deals with her pregnancy, and if Kim will find out or not.


10. Episode 10 - You've Reached Your Destination

Kim: Can we stop here please? 

John: No, we're almost there, just another mile Kim. 

Kim: Please! I can't go anymore! We haven't stopped since we left Harry and Seth behind. 

Dean: She's right, I need to rest too. 

Kim: *looks at dean* 

Dean: *moves his arms from kim and sits on the ground exhausted* 

John: Then I'll go first. 

Kim: John! 

John: Nicole wouldn't stop for anything! She would have gone straight here if she was still alive too. 

Kim: Please, just hold on and we can all... 

John: *gets shot like crazy* 

Kim: *gasp in shock* 

Dean: *eyes widen* 

Kim: John!  

Dean: *pulls kim down and covers her mouth* Shhh. 

John: *twitches and dies* 

Kim: *cries* 

Dean: Shhh. 

William: Put your hands up! 

Kim: *puts her hands up* 

Dean: *slowly moves his hand from kims mouth and puts his hands up* 

Ricky: Who are you two? 

Dean: Please, we're not here to hurt you guys. 

Leon: Who sent you two here? 

Dean: No one, we came by ourselves. 

Leon: Get up! 

Dean: *gets up* 

Leon: *pushes dean* 

Kim: Don't push him! 

Ricky: *smacks kim to the ground* 

Dean: *turns around* Kim! 

Leon: *trips dean*  

Dean: *falls to the ground/groans* 

Kim: Dean! *cries* 

Dean: Kim. 

Leon: *handcuffs dean and takes him* 

Kim: Dean! 

Ricky: *handcuffs kim and pushes her* Go! 

Kim/Dean: *gets in the car* 

William: *holding his gun and looking around*/looks at john and kicks him then shoots him some more* 

Kim/Dean: *gets out of the car* 

Leon: *throws dean into the building* You have any weapons on you huh? 

Dean: *against the wall* No! We ran out of bullets, so we left it behind! 

Leon: *hitting dean against the wall* 

Dean: *groans* 

Ricky: You have any weapons on you? *shoves kim against the wall* 

Jessica: Well if it isn't two intruders trying to cross our path. 

Kim: Please, we just wanted to get to safe.  

Dean: Yeah, we heard Texas was safe, so we traveled here. 

Jessica: Travel here? *laughs* Big mistake, those advertisement always works don't them boys. *chuckles* 

Leon/Ricky: *laughs* 

Kim: Please, we're not bad people at all. We're just like you guys. 

Ricky: *throws kim onto the ground* 

Kim: *groans* 

Dean: Please don't hurt her, if you're gonna hurt her, please hurt me instead. 

Ricky: *looks over at dean* 

Leon: *throws dean onto the floor next to kim* 

Kim: *crying* Dean. 

Dean: We're gonna be ok Kim. 

Leon: *holds the gun against deans head* 

Kim: *cries* Dean. 

Dean: *cries* I love you Kim. 

Kim: I love you... 

Ricky: *covers kims head with a bag cloth* Get up! 

Kim: *crying/gets up* 

Dean: *watches kim* Kim. 

Leon: Shut up or I'll blow your head off! 

Dean: *stays in silence* 

Ricky: *takes kim into a building* 

Dean: Kim! *tries to fight and run after kim* 

Leon: Hey! *beats up dean* 

Dean: *laying in the dirt in handcuffs* 

Leon: Yeah, stay like that!  

Jessica: C'mon, let's go Leon. 

Leon: *leaves with Jessica* 

Dean: *looks around and sees no one* 

Walker: *walking towards dean* 

Dean: Shit. *heart racing* 

Walker 1: *walks closer to dean* 

Dean: *gets up and pushes against the walker* 

Walker 1: *trying to attack dean* 

Dean: *pushes the walker against with his shoulder* 

Walker 1: *falls to the ground* 

Dean: *exhausted/gets up and stomps on the walkers head and crushes it* God damn you! *falls to the ground in exhaustion* 

Walker 2: *growling* 

Dean: *looks up* Shit, another one? *gets up* C'mon!  

Walker 2: *about to bite dean* 

Dean: *curb stomps the walker* 

Walkers: *all approaches dean: 

Dean: Shit! *tries to run* 

Guards: *shoots the walkers* 

Kim: *panics* Dean? Dean! *bangs against the metal door* 

Jessica: He's not gonna hear you honey. 

Kim: Why are you doing this to us? We're all humans here. 

Jessica: We don't like intruders like you guys. 

Kim: *crying* Why? 

Jessica: *slaps kim* Because you guys already are infected without knowing! 

Kim: *crying on the ground* 

Dean: *fighting against walker 14* 

Walker 15: *comes from behind and bites dean on the shoulder* 

Dean: *falls to the ground and cries in pain* 

Leon/Ricky: *shoots the walkers* 

Jessica: *look out the window*  

Kim: What are you doing? 

Jessica: *puts the bag back over kims head* 

Kim: *panics again* 

Ricky: *walks to the room* 

Jessica: Take her out there now! 

Ricky: *grabs kim by the arm and tosses her next to dean* 

Dean: *breathing heavily* Kim. 

Kim: *scared* Dean? 

Ricky: *removes the bag from kims head* 

Kim: *shakes her head and sees dean* Dean? *sees his bite on his shoulder* Dean? *cries* 

Dean: I'm sorry Kim; I tried to save you and us. 

Kim: No Dean, I'm sorry. *cries silently* 

Leon: *grabs dean and puts him next to kim* 

Ricky: *pushes kim closer to dean* 

Jessica: Any last words before dying? 

Dean: *cries* I love you Kim. 

Kim: *crying* I love you too Dean. 

Dean: *leans over towards kim* 

Kim: *leans inwards on dean* 

Dean: *kisses kim* 

Kim: *kisses dean back* 

Dean: *turns and bites kims tongue* 

Kim: *screams* 

Ricky/Leon: *shoots kim and dean like crazy* 

Kim: *falls to the ground* 

Dean: *falls next to dean* 

Kim: *twitching and looking at dean* 

Dean: *moving his mouth trying to attack kim more* 

Jessica: Un-cuff them. 

Ricky: *un-cuffs kim* 

Leon: *un-cuffs dean* 

Jessica: Now shoot them again! 

Ricky/Leon: *shoots kim and dean more* 

Kim: *looking at dean and reaches for his hand* 

Dean: *reaches for kims hand* 

Kim: *grabs onto dean hand* 

Dean: *grabs kims hand and slowly dies* 

Kim: *slowly dies* 

Jessica: *laughs* 

Leon: *blows his gun and laughs* 

Ricky: *laughs* 

Jessica: *walks to kim and dean* Should of stayed where you came from, would have been safer there huh? *laughs* 

Stephanie: *shoots Jessica in the head* 

Jessica: *dies* 

Ricky: What the hell?  

Triple H: *whistles* 

Ricky/Leon: *both turns around* 

Triple H: *shoots ricky in the head* 

Ricky: *dies* 

Leon: *drops his gun* Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I was just taking ord... 

Triple H: *shoots leon in the head* 

Leon: *dies* 

Stephanie: *walks over to triple h*  

Triple H: *smiles at Stephanie* 

Stephanie: This is our kingdom now. *smiles evil*

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