Surviving The Dead 3

Surviving The Dead 3; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** A short summary from the previous series... James and Kim reunited for a split second before he got killed by Lincoln. Word is that Eleanor is expecting and it could be James. Also, Harry and Kim had hooked up before reuniting with James. Niall on the other hand turned into a walker from losing a lot of blood from a bear trap. In series 3, the group is on their way to find the other safe camp that Liam heard from the radio, as they go on, Eleanor starts to show, and she tells them, it's Louis. Read on and see how Eleanor deals with her pregnancy, and if Kim will find out or not.


1. Episode 1 - Millers

Kim: Look, a house, maybe we can stop there. 

Louis: *looks* Yeah, I think we should too, it's been three days, we need a place to stay and rest. 

Kim: *looks at Eleanor* Eleanor, are you ok? 

Eleanor: *smiles* Yeah, I'm fine. 

Kim: Ok, well we're almost to that house, we'll stay a day or two there for you or until you get better. 

Eleanor: No, we can keep moving, it's fine. *smiles and looks at Perrie* 

Louis: Why do you keep looking at Perrie? 

Eleanor: I don't know. *chuckles* 

Louis: Ok, well... let's get moving then. *leads off* 

All: *follows Louis* 

Harry: *stops walking* 

Kim: What? 

Harry: *in a sarcastic tone* Are you ok? *smiles* 

Kim: Yeah, I'm fine, are you? 

Harry: I think I am, I might want a kiss though. 

Kim: *smiles and walks off* 

Harry: I wasn't kidding. 

Kim: *stops* 

Harry: *smiles and walks by kim* 

Kim: *gasp* 

Harry: Last one's a rotten egg and that's you. *chuckles* 

Kim: *rolls her eyes and smiles* Whatever. 

Derek: *from behind* Put your hands up. 

All: *stops walking and puts their hands up* 

Derek: *turn around* 

All: *turns around* 

Derek: This is my wife and I's place along with our five children, you can't enter. 

Kim: I'm sorry, we were just... 

Derek: Silent! 

Kim: Ok? *looks at harry* 

Jillian: Derek, what are you doing? 

Derek: These people tried to rob us honey. 

Jillian: *looks at the group* 

All: *confused* 

Liam: We haven't even set foot onto your property. 

Louis: Yeah, how's that robbing? 

Jillian: Honey, you can't just aim your shotgun at random people who are trying to survive or coming through. *walks to derek and puts the gun down* I'm sorry about all that. I'm Jillian. *smiles* And this is my husband Derek. 

Derek: We're DJ together. 

Perrie: *chuckles*  

Derek: What's so funny about that huh!? 

Jillian: Please Derek. 

Derek: I'm going inside. 

Jillian: Please, come and stay with us, our house is big enough for you all to join. *smiles* 

Eleanor: *smiles* Thank you. 

Link: Mom! Chris won't give me the flashlight! 

Jillian: Chris! I'm sorry; my kids are very wild around this time. 

Kim: *smiles* It's ok. 

Jillian: Kids! Come meet our new friends. 

Kids: *runs to jillian* 

Jillian: *smiles* This is Chris, my oldest, he's 15, this middle one is Ashley, she's 12, this little one is Link, he's 8, and this one little man is 4, his name is Jackson... and I have a toddler sleeping upstairs, she's 2 years old, her name is Jeanette. *smiles* 

Kim: *kneels down and smiles* Hi Jackson, I'm Kim, and this is my boyfriend Harry, these are our friends, that's Louis and his girlfriend Eleanor, this is Zayn and that's his wife Perrie. 

Zayn: Fiancé. 

Jillian: *smiles* 

Kim: Sorry, fiancé, and that's Liam. *starts to get sad* There was more of us, but they didn't make it.  

Link: I like you, you're pretty. *makes a kissy face and runs off* 

Kim: *chuckles softly* 

Jillian: I'm sorry, he doesn't see girls like you around a lot. 

Kim: *smiles* It's ok, he'll come across another soon. 

Jillian: Would you guys like to eat? We just got done cooking. 

Kim: Um, actually... 

Eleanor: Yes, we are starving, we haven't ate in ten days. 

Jillian: Please, come. *leads off* 

All: *follows jillian* 

Harry: *sits next to kim* 

Link: I want to sit next to her! *punches harry* 

Harry: Ow?  

Link: *gives harry an evil look* 

Harry: *gets up and stands by the counter* 

Jillian: Link! Say sorry to him now! 

Link: He was sitting with my girlfriend! 

Jillian: I'm, I'm sorry, Link, to your room now! 

Chris: Busted. 

Jillian: You too Chris! 

Chris: Fine! *leaves the table*  

Jillian: I'm sorry, those two do not get along. 

Kim: It's ok. 

Jillian: Please, take your seat Harry. 

Harry: *sits back down next to kim* 

Derek: Hello everyone, I'm sorry I scared you all to death. It's just, no one really comes by and seeing you guys made me panic. 

Zayn: It's ok, we're use to people aiming at us, but we're not bad people at all. 

Derek: *gives zayn a straight look* Good. Let's eat before the food gets cold. *eats* 

Zayn: *eats* 

All: *eats* 

Jillian: Chris, share your room with Link, our guest is gonna sleep in... 

Chris: *in bed* I don't want to share my bed with Link! 

Jillian: Fine, then you sleep in the living room and I'll have two of the guest sleep in here. 

Chris: *gets mad and gets up* 

Kim: *sitting next to harry on the couch* 

Chris: Move. 

Harry: What? 

Chris: My mom wants you two to sleep in my room. 

Kim: Oh no, you can sleep in there, we'll sleep out here. *smiles* We're fine. 

Chris: It's a futon, pull it out. 

Harry: Oh? Sorry. *gets up* Move babe.  

Kim: *moves* 

Harry: *pulls the bed out* 

Chris: *lays on it* Goodnight. 

Harry: *looks at kim confused* 

Kim: Let's go then. 

Jillian: Link, do you want to sleep with us or on the futon with Chris and Ashley. 

Ashley: I heard that!  

Jillian: Our guest needs a room! 

Ashley: *gets up carrying her blanket* Why do we always have to sleep out there!  

Jillian: I'm sorry, but it's gonna have to be permanent. 

Ashley: *rolls her eyes and walks off* 

Jillian: Don't you dare roll your eyes at me missy! 

Ashley: Whatever. *jumps onto the futon* 

Chris: Dude! What the fuck!? 

Ashley: Oh please, go to sleep! 

Jillian: Link. 

Link: I'll sleep out there. 

Jillian: Ok, then go. 

Link: *leaves* 

Jillian: Please, right this way. 

Louis: Who? 

Jillian: You and Eleanor, oh and Liam. 

Louis: Ok, c'mon. 

Jillian: You three can sleep in Ashley's room. Louis and Eleanor, you can take queens size and Liam, you can take the twins. 

Liam: Ok. *smiles* Thank you. 

Louis: Yes, thank you very much. 

Eleanor: *smiles* Thank you Jillian, it means a lot. 

Jillian: No thank you. *smiles* 

Derek: Oh you two haven't gotten a room yet? 

Harry: No, we haven't. 

Derek: Hmm, well c'mon. 

Jillian: Perrie, Zayn, you two can sleep in Chris's room. His bed is full, but I'm sure it'll fit the two of you. 

Zayn: Yeah, It'll fit the two us, don't worry, we'll make it work. *smiles* 

Jillian: Ok. 

Derek: You two can have the guest room, no one's really slept in it yet, you two will be the first. *smiles* 

Kim: *walks in there* Really? *chuckles* Wow, it's a nice room. 

Derek: It was gonna be for Ashley when she gets older, but it's ok. It's yours now. 

Harry: Thank you Mr... 

Derek: Derek. 

Harry: Derek. What is the surname though? 

Derek: We're the Miller Family. *smiles* 

Harry: Derek Miller, well thank you for this room, we should pay you back soon. *smiles* 

Derek: No need. 

Jillian: Oh, you two are already in here. Thank you honey. 

Derek: No problem. Where are the kids sleeping? 

Jillian: Futon? 

Derek: Does it fit all three of them? 

Jillian: Well Link can sleep with us, but he said he didn't want to. 

Derek: Link! 

Link: Yes dad. 

Derek: Sleep with us in the room. 

Link: Do I have to? 

Derek: For now yes, plus the futon is too small to fit all three of you. 

Link: I was sleeping on the other smaller one. 

Derek: No, it's not comfortable, sleep on Jackson's bed, he can sleep with us. 

Link: What?! 

Derek: No more talking, just go. 

Link: Fine. *walks to the room and lays on the bed* 

Derek: Sorry about that, get some sleep. *smiles and leaves* 

Jillian: If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask ok. *smiles* 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* Thank you again. 

Jillian: No problem. *leaves* 

Liam: Do you think we're safe here? 

Louis: We should be. 

Eleanor: I don't care as long as I have a place to stay and rest. 

Louis: You ok babe? You been acting strange. 

Eleanor: Yeah. I'm just tired. *turns to face the wall* Goodnight. 

Liam: *gets comfortable* Goodnight. 

Louis: *confused* Goodnight. 

Zayn: You have enough room? 

Perrie: Yeah plenty, you? 

Zayn: Yeah. 

Perrie: Ok, well, I'll see you in the morning, goodnight. 

Zayn: Ok, goodnight babe.  

Perrie: Night. *goes to sleep* 

Harry: This is the comfiest bed I've ever slept in in a while. 

Kim: Really? 

Harry: Yeah. 

Kim: *smiles and cuddles up with harry* Me too. 

Harry: *cuddles kim* I love you babe. 

Kim: I love you too Harry. 

Harry: *kisses kims forehead* Goodnight, I'll see you in the morning. 

Kim: Night. *closes her eyes*

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