Forever Yours

"Come on Charlie" As my pit bull comes stumbling along I notice a boy with dazzling sea green eyes. He's one of the seniors at my school and being a senior myself I see him around a lot. I believe his name is..... Louis yea that's it Louis Tomlinson. Of course I've never really talked to him but maybe now that it's summer I will get to see him more and I finally will.


13. Together Again

*5 years later*

{ Catch up }

Caroline (22) and Louis (23) - dating 6 years

Carlie (22) and Niall (22) - dating 6 years

Jasy (23) and Zayn (22) - dating 4 years

Karly (22) and Liam (22) - dating 4 years

Sammy (22) and Harry (21) - dating 5 years

Ashlynn (22) and Connor (23) - dating 5 years

Boys are now famous (except Connor of course)

Louis' *POV*

It's been 2 months since I've seen Caroline. Due to the fact that she just started her job as a vet and I've been on tour with the boys. Tomorrow Paul agreed to letting us fly up to see the girls. I can't wait I miss her so much I just want to feel her in my arms again. I am just laying on the couch doing nothing. "Ok what's wrong?" Liam says starring down at me. "I just miss Caroline" I say looking at the ceiling. "I know how you feel I miss Karly too but at least we get to see them tomorrow." He smiles at me. Just then Harry comes in followed by Niall. "Harry! Get back here!" Niall screams tackling Harry to the ground. "Wow ok what happened?" Liam says giving them both an evil glair. "He broke 3 of the strings on my guitar!" Niall says still holding Harry to the ground. "Harry get Niall some new strings for his guitar. Niall get off Harry." He tells them like there little kids. "Get off." Harry says flinging Niall to the side causing him to hit his head hard on the ground. "Owww!" Niall says holding his the back of his head and groaning. "Oh my god I'm so sorry!" Harry says going over to him. "His head is bleeding call 911." Liam directs me. I quickly pick up my phone and call 911. On our way to the hospital I call Caroline. "Hello?" She answers. "Hey it's me Louis" "oh hey babe I miss you can't wait to see you tomorrow" "I miss you too but change of plans you guys are coming down here." "Oh ok how come?" "I'll explain when you get here Paul is on his way to get you guys" "ok bye love you." "Love you too" with that we hung up.

Caroline's *POV*

I wonder why he wants us to come down there. Oh well I be he has a good reason. Just then there is a knock on the door. "Come in!" I shout at the door. "Hey Zayn called me and said we are going to New York did Louis talk to you?" Jasy asks putting down some boxes. "Yea just hung up did he tell you what's up?" I ask following her outside. Since we are done with collage we decided to move in together. We meaning her, Carlie, Ashlynn, the other Karly, and I. "No he said he would tell me tomorrow." She says nearly dropping a box. "Oh ok I need to make my video for today so I'll help unpack in a bit!" I say running away. (We recently started a YouTube group called Jac2k! Pronounced Jack squared) Today's Friday and that is my day to film. We just reached 1 million subscribers last week. This week I manage to get o2l and I can't wait! There is then a knock at the door. I open it to see all the o2l boys Connor, Ricky, Sam, Jc, Trevor, and Kian. "Hey Caroline you ready to film?" Connor asks looking around. "Yea I'm excited by the way excuse the boxes we are just moving in." I tell them leading them to the back yard, it was really cool because we have a pool with a connected hot tub and a patio with a fire place and a bench swing. I am making my video with Jc and Connor. They all came so we could all make our videos at once. On my channel we are doing the One Direction quiz because you know the irony. I will be on their channels too. On Jc we are doing smoothie challenge and on Connors the White Girl tag.

Louis' *POV*

I go to bed thinking about tomorrow. I also feel bad for Niall we need to teach Harry to calm down. But it's really not his fault. I mean Niall must weigh a good amount based on how much he eats. "Hey I'm going to bed so do you mind turning out the light?" Harry asks crawling into bed. "Yea I'm going to bed too." I say putting away my laptop and turning off my lamp. Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I wake up to a set of blue eyes in my face. I freak out at the sight and fall off the bed. I then see the familiar face pop out above mine. "You ok? I didn't mean to scare you that much!" Caroline says laughing and pulling me up. "Yea I just didn't expect you to be here this early." I yawn. "Early? It's 1 in the afternoon." She giggles. "Is it?" I say quickly grabbing my shirt from a chair and chasing her to the living room. I run in and don't see her. All the sudden I feel a sudden amount of weight on my back. "So did you miss me?" Caroline asked kissing my check. "Of course." I tell her as she jumps down. I turn around and kiss her on the lips. "No PDA!" Harry says watching us. "Your just jelly!" Caroline says wrapping her arms around me. "Whatever." Harry says pretending to be annoyed. "Oh by the way are you going to tell me what happened yesterday?" Caroline asks leading me to the couch. "Oh yea. Well a summery would be Harry broke the strings on Niall's guitar so he got mad and tackled him to the ground then Harry threw him off causing him to hit his head really hard on the ground. Now Niall is in the hospital." I say as she stairs at me in shock. "Oh my god that's horrible. Is he ok?" She starts. Just then Liam comes in with Karly. "Hey we are going to the hospital now you coming?" He says walking to the door.

Caroline's *POV*

"Yea of course!" I say standing up. We arrive at the hospital and flood into Niall's room. I see Niall in bed and he looks like he hasn't slept. "Hey Niall how are you feeling?" I ask sitting next to him. He doesn't answer and just stairs into space. "Niall? Are you ok?" I ask resting my hand on his arm. He slowly looks down at my hand then up at me. "Yea I... I'm just... A little tired." He says looking back were he was before. He was starting to scare me. "Louis can you come here please." I look over to Louis and he's there right away. "Yes love?" He asking looking at Niall. "Can you get his nurse I want to talk to her real quick." I say looking up at him. He hesitates a second then leaves the room. He returns moments later with a nurse. She walks up to me and says "I was told you wanted to speak to me?" "Um yes can we speak outside?" I motion to the door. "Of course dear." She says leading the way. I close the door then look at her a second. "So do you know what's wrong with him?" I ask getting right to the point. "Yes he hit his head pretty bad and got a concussion we aren't quiet sure when it will go away." She tells me sympathetically. "Ok and is there anything we can do?" I look at her with hopeful eyes. "All you can do is wait. The only problem is we are afraid that if he falls asleep he may never wake up."

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