Forever Yours

"Come on Charlie" As my pit bull comes stumbling along I notice a boy with dazzling sea green eyes. He's one of the seniors at my school and being a senior myself I see him around a lot. I believe his name is..... Louis yea that's it Louis Tomlinson. Of course I've never really talked to him but maybe now that it's summer I will get to see him more and I finally will.


2. Party Time

Louis' *POV*

We look around for a little finally meeting Liam in the hallway. "Where's Zayn?" Harry says obviously knowing the answer. We approach what I believe is the bathroom. Busting through the door to find Zayn who is know starring at us in a shocked tone comb in hand. "What the hell guys!" Zayn say annoyed. We all blurt out laughing. Harry literally rolling on the floor. "Ok ok I got to admit that was funny" Zayn says grinning. "Well I'm going to go look for some cute girls. Talk to you guys later!" Classic Harry. "I think I'm going to go too" As I take one step away I turn to see 3 pairs of eyes on me and a bit of laughter. "What!?" "Well your not really the lady's man..." Liam smirks "I'm not going to flirt I just... Need to... Find someone." Then I quickly dart out the door. I run into something... No someone "oh my god I'm so sorry" I say looking up to find these dazzling blue eyes. "Oh no it's fine really. Your Louis right? I'm Caroline." She smiles at me. "That's me" I say laughing.

Caroline's *POV*

We kinda stand there awkwardly starring at each other until Liam, Niall, and Zayn come running into us. "Where you all just in the bathroom... Together...?" I giggle "No.. well i mean yes.. but we weren't... I mean we..." Zayn struggles to find the right words "we were trying to get Zayn to... well not fix his hair for once." Louis say glancing over at Zayn who is pouting. Oh Zayn. I then hear a really loud voice. " Boo bear!" Yep here comes Harry. As he attaches himself to Louis' back he falls forward landing right on top of me. "I am so sorry" He say I can tell he fells guilty. "I guess you can say your falling for me" I says with a giggle. We start to laugh when I notices he's still on me... "And... I'm still on you... Sorry." He say helping me up. "So anyways... You want to dance?" He asks me extending a hand. "Sure but I warn you I am a pretty sick dancer." "Ha I bet. But I'm pretty sure I'm better." He says as he pulls me along.

Louis' *POV*

"That was a really intense dance-off" I say out of breath "dance-off is that what we're calling it now?" She says trying to hold back the laughter. It was now 1:08 and time to go. Right on time Harry comes over "Time to go Boo bear!" "Ok Hazza. Well I got to go but it was fun to hang with you" I say looking over at Caroline "Yea I had a lot of fun. Maybe we can get together some time?" She says a hint of hope in her voice. I quickly hand her my phone. "Here put in your number." I say as she takes the phone from my hands. She puts in her contact along with a bunch of emojis beside her name. Girls just got to be girls. I take back my phone give her a quick hug and follow Harry to the front of the house. We stand there waiting for Niall when I quickly spot him sitting on the sofa chatting with someone. I think it was Carlie. Oh well I guess I need to get him. "Sorry to intrude but we got to go now" I receive a quiet 'Grrr' out of Niall when he stands up to follow me. We arrive at the door and of course Harrys gone. We look around a little. "I swear we have looked every were!" Niall says grumpy. "Let's check upstairs." I say thinking I haven't been up there yet. We make our way up the stairs and push through some people. Finally I see some recognizable curly hair. He was talking to someone. I have never actually seen this girl before. She was blond and well wasn't the tallest person ever but she was descent size. She was pretty. I walk up to her and Harry. "Oh hey yea I kinda left you didn't I? Sorry." He says guilty "Yea but it's fine. Who's this?"I ask "Oh yea! Niall this is Sammy. This is her party." "Oh well it's nice to meet you" I reach out to shake her hand. She shakes my hand. "Crap I forgot I left my cats in my bedroom!" She runs to her room returning within 2 mins. "Ok sorry about that" she says out of breath "It's cool but the way you left the door open" Harry's says looking amused. She runs to the room once again. As she closes the door a cat comes darting out. She grabs it and walks over to us. "Sorry" she says as she try's to hold the cat still. "Who's this little guy?" Harry asked he loves cats. "This is Benny. He's a pain in the ass." We all laugh "well we should go it was nice to meet you." I say waving. "You too." She says turning away.

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