Forever Yours

"Come on Charlie" As my pit bull comes stumbling along I notice a boy with dazzling sea green eyes. He's one of the seniors at my school and being a senior myself I see him around a lot. I believe his name is..... Louis yea that's it Louis Tomlinson. Of course I've never really talked to him but maybe now that it's summer I will get to see him more and I finally will.


6. Louis' House

Caroline's *POV*

I get out of the car and help Louis out. He struggles with his crutches for a second before he falls to the ground but of course like always he lands on me. "Are you ok?" I ask helping him up. "Yea I'm kinda use to it." He tells me and we just laugh. Going up the stairs to his porch I make sure he's extra carful. "Ok Louis be careful because it takes a lot of skill to go through the doorway." I say looking at him. He laughs. We get inside and the first thing he says is "I need to use the bathroom" "ok well I think you can do that yourself" I say letting go of him. "Are you sure i might fall." He says with a smirk. "Nah I'm just kidding I got this." He laughs. After he's done we head upstairs. His house was huge and the stairs winded so much. No wonder he need help. We start down a long hall and stop at a door I assumed was his room. He opens the door and like I thought it was his room. "Why am I not surprised your room is a mess?" I look at him. "That hurts." He begins to fake cry. "Oh be quiet" I laugh at him. He sets his crutches by his bed and waddle over to it. I sit at the end of his bed and he sit beside me. "My parents are going to be gone for the next two do you mind staying over tonight? You know to make sure I'm ok." He asks "yea I guess I can stay over." I answer him. "Great" he says grabbing me pulling me down. He wraps his arms around my waist looking me in the eye then he pecks my nose. I turn to the side noticing his giant flat screen and get up. "What are you doing?" He asks "turning on the tv." I answer. I turn on the tv and grab the remote. Setting it on the bed I ask "do you have a shirt I can borrow?" "Yea top drawer." He replies. I grab a white v-neck and head to the bathroom. I am now wearing a pair of shorts and his shirt which acts like a dress on me stopping right above me knees.

Louis' *POV*

Caroline walks out of the bathroom wearing my t-shirt it looked so cute. She climbs back in beside me. "That looks better on you then it ever did on me." I tell her looking right into her ocean blue eyes. "Lies" she says with a giggle. We search through the stations trying to find something to watch. We decided to rent a on demand movie. We ended up picking Titanic. It's such a great movie. We get all cuddled up on the bed her head on my chest my arm around her waist. About mid through the movie I look down at her and she was fast asleep. She looked so peaceful. I turn off the movie and the lamp and fall asleep just cuddled up there. *The next morning* I wake up and she's still asleep. I continue to lay there and just watch as her eyes flutter open. "Morning gorgeous." I say as I kiss her on the head. "Morning" she whispers closing her eyes again. "Come on time to get up." I shake her up. "Ok ok I'm up" she moans. She gets up and heads to the bathroom. "Is it alright if I take a shower?" She asks half awake. "Yea go ahead, you can just borrow another shirt. Can you help me down stairs first?" I get up and waddle to my crutches. "Of course one second." She says heading into the bathroom. I hear the water turn on and she comes over to help me. She sets me on the couch and walks back upstairs.

Caroline's *POV*

I head back upstairs after I bring Louis downstairs. I go to his dresser to get a shirt this time I grab a navy blue t-shirt. I go to the shower. It was nice and hot and felt so good. I wash myself along with my hair and get dressed. I then smell food and head downstairs. I see Louis standing at the stove making something. I'm about to sneak up on him when he turns and says "I wouldn't sneak up on someone with a hot pan." He grins. "Ok you caught me. What are you doing?" I ask remarking the pan on the stove. "I wanted to make you breakfast to thank you for helping me." He answers "you didn't need to do that." I say as he drags me to the table handing me a plate. Eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice. A guy who cooks for the girl, This is like a once and a life time thing. He begins to laugh. I guess I just said that out loud. After we finish I beat him to wash the dishes. He insist on drying so I let him. When he turns around I take the opportunity to flick water at him. "Oh no you didn't." He says grabbing a handful of water and splashing me. I run to the opposite side of the counter. As soon as I look away to search for where to run I fell a pair of muscular arms grab me. He picks me up bridal style amend carries me over to the couch then plops next to me. I cuddle up next to him and we just lay there talking.

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