Forever Yours

"Come on Charlie" As my pit bull comes stumbling along I notice a boy with dazzling sea green eyes. He's one of the seniors at my school and being a senior myself I see him around a lot. I believe his name is..... Louis yea that's it Louis Tomlinson. Of course I've never really talked to him but maybe now that it's summer I will get to see him more and I finally will.


7. Lake House

Louis' *POV*

*2 weeks later*

We are now leaving the hospital and I finally have my cast of. "You excited to go up to the lake?" I ask Caroline pulling open the car door. "Totally. Do you think we could stop by the mall? I want to get a new bikini." She says getting into the car. "Whatever you want love." I tell her as we pull out of the parking lot. As we drive the radio starts playing 'I knew you were trouble' and we start to sing along. More like scream along. We pull up to the mall and hop out of the car. "Ok where to first?" I ask. "Hollister I think." She answers back. We look around a couple stores. After getting all we needed we went to the food court. I ended up buying a pair of plaid swim trunks, a plaid Hollister shirt, a red sweatshirt, and a black beanie. Caroline ended up with a blue bikini, a black and pink flowery bikini, ray-ban sunglasses, and a new purse. I also got her a new phone case. I got myself one too. At the food court we got some Chick-fal-a yum. We sat there and talked about what we would do at the lake. "I can't wait I really need a tan." Caroline says getting up. Doing the same I grab her and say "your perfect." Kissing her head. "I love you." She whispers. "I love you too." I whisper back. We go back out to the car and hop in. She drops me off at home to pack. I run upstairs and flop on my bed. I really should pack because we are leaving tomorrow but I'm so tired. I finally get up and grab my suitcase and start to pack.

Caroline's *POV*

I drop Louis off after we finish at the mall and head home to pack. I can't wait to go to the lake. I hop out of the car grab my bags and head inside. I run upstairs to set down my bags. I go into my closet and grab my suitcase. I pack it with clothes for 2 weeks, bathroom supplies, shoes, and my beach stuff. After packing I plop down on the couch and pull out my phone. {Me: Your going to the lake right?} {Ashlyn: oh course but I am going to come tomorrow because I have to visit a collage I am thinking about.} {Me: great see you Saturday!} Now that that is out of the way I am going to bed! I wake up to the sound of my phone going off. "Hello?" "Hey are you ready to go?" Jasy ask from the other end. "Yea I just need to take a shower." I assure her. "Ok be there in 20" she says hanging up. Ugg. I get up and head to the bathroom. I take a quick shower and dry off. I get dressed and apply my makeup. Since it's going to be hot I'm wearing a lifeguard tank and some shorts along with my white vans. I put my hair into a messy bun then bring my stuff downstairs. By the time I'm ready Jasy is waiting outside. "You excited?" She ask happily. "Totally!" I respond. We drive for about hour before pulling up to a large cabin like house. And it was right on the water. We get our stuff and walk up to the front doors. Right as you walk in there is a huge windy staircase. I set my stuff down and walk I to the kitchen to find everyone else is already there. "Hey guys!" I say walking in. I get a chorus of 'hellos' in return.

Louis' *POV*

After everyone is done with there 'hellos' Carlie starts to tell everyone where they will be sleeping. "Ok Niall you and me will share the room down here. I already showed you where that was. Caroline and Louis you guys will share the room at the end of the hall upstairs. "Got it!" Caroline smiles. "Jasy and Zayn you will have the room at the opposite side of Caroline and Louis." (They recently started dating.) she gets a simple 'k' from them. "Ok let's see... Three people two rooms.." She says starring into space. "Me and Sammy can share a room" Harry suggests. Sammy gives him a quick look then nods. "Ok yea you can have the room in the middle of the hall and Ashlyn will get the one on the other end!" She finishes. Everyone goes to put their stuff into there rooms and I do the same. I walk into the room and it's huge. I go to the giant closet to see Caroline is already putting away her stuff. Before she realizes I'm there I see here struggle to reach something on the shelf. "Having fun there?" I ask as she jumps up from not noticing me. "Lots" she chuckles. I come over and help her. About an hour we all go down stairs for pizza. "This next two weeks are going to be great!" Niall mumbles with his mouth full. "You guys want to go to the lake tomorrow?" Zayn suggest. "Sounds good to me!" I say between bites.

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