Forever Yours

"Come on Charlie" As my pit bull comes stumbling along I notice a boy with dazzling sea green eyes. He's one of the seniors at my school and being a senior myself I see him around a lot. I believe his name is..... Louis yea that's it Louis Tomlinson. Of course I've never really talked to him but maybe now that it's summer I will get to see him more and I finally will.


8. Lake Day

Caroline's *POV*

The next morning I wake up to the sound of Louis' voice. "...'Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul

I can tell you there's no place we couldn't go

Just put your hand on the glass

I'll be tryin' to pull you through

You just gotta be strong..." "Keep going" I smile up to him. He had such a great voice. So did the rest of the boys. Yes I have heard them all sing judge me. He leans down kissing me head. "...'Cause I don't wanna lose you now

I'm lookin' right at the other half of me

The vacancy that sat in my heart

Is a space that now you hold..." He continues as I rest my head on his shoulder. Moments later Niall comes bursting through the door. "Time to get up sleepy heads!" He says diving onto the bed "Ok we're up!" Louis says getting up and chasing Niall out the door. I get up and head to the bathroom. I take a quick shower and get dressed. By the time I'm out Louis is back in the room digging through his clothes. "What are you looking for?" I ask. "Found it!" He says stuffing something into his pocket. "What was that?" I question trying to get a glimpse of the item. "I guess you'll half to find out later." He says with a grin. "You guys ready to go?" Ashlyn ask peeping into the closet. "Yep." I say looking up at Louis. A few minutes later we arrive at Waffle House. Food time! We order out drinks then our food. After we finish we sit there and chat. "Are you ready to see what I was hiding?" Louis finally asks looking at me. "Ready as I'll ever be." I say giving him a smile. "Happy one month anniversary." He says handing me a small box. I open it up to reveal a small emerald necklace. "It's beautiful, I love it" I say giving him a kiss. "Ok no PDA please." Sammy says laughing. "What you don't like kissing?" Harry asks with a smirk puckering up his lips. "Go away" she says pushing his chest. We all begin to laugh. We get home and get ready to go to the lake. Today I'm wearing my floral bikini covered by some shorts and a v-neck. I also am wearing my ray-bans and pink sandals. Louis walks down stairs in his swim shorts and a t-shirt followed by his ray-bans and sandals.

Louis' *POV*

After everyone one is ready to go we simply walk out the back door. I love the lake it's just like the beach but without the salt water. It has the sand and everything. We put down our stuff and lay out the towels. In the end all the boys went into the water while the girls decided to tan. Eventually everyone was in except Caroline and Jasy. "Heads up" Harry screams hitting me in the face with the beach ball. I turn to look at him and return the favor. About half an hour later I decide to get out. I look to find our stuff and I see Caroline talking with one of the life guards. I walk up to them and she turns to see me. "Hey Lou." She says pecking my cheek. "Louis this is Connor he's one of my old friends from grade school. Connor this is my boyfriend Louis." She says grabbing my hand. "It's nice to meet you." He says extending a hand "you too" I say shaking it. "Well we got to go but it was nice to see you" she tells him walking away. As we walk back to our stuff Harry comes running over jumping into my back. "Boo bear Zayn is being mean!" Harry complains. "I am not." Zayn says running over. "You put sand in my shorts." Harry say jumping off my back. "Guys! Both of you shut up!" I yell at them. "Fine" Harry says grabbing my phone and running. "I'll be back" I tell Caroline chasing after them.

Caroline's *POV*

They all such man children. I'm about to arrive at the stuff when three random guys come up to me. "Hey baby." One of them says smirking. "Yea hi." I reply back trying to walk around them. They create a wall in front of me so I can't get by. "Your so hot why don't you come here and give me a kiss!" one of the others say steeping closer. "Hey! Leave her alone." Louis shouts walking over. "And what if we don't?" The first guy asks turning to face Louis. "Then I'll half to do this.." Louis says punching the guy to the ground. The guy gets up and runs the opposite way followed by the two others. "Are you ok?" Louis asks pulling me into a hug. "Yea I'm fine." I assure him. We finish walking back to our stuff and explain what just happened to the others as they sit there confused. "But it's fine because no one was hurt" Louis says placing his arm around me. "Well except that guy you punched in the face." I say with a giggle. Louis gives a slight chuckle. We ended up on the towel laying together talking. I was trying a cool experiment were I put a silly band in the shape of a dolphin on my waist above my bikini. It's suppose to leave a mark. About an hour later we get all our stuff and go back to the house. After we get home we are all in the den watching telly when Louis comes running in and he looks mad. We all start to laugh as we notice the silly band tan mark on his forehead! "Who put a silly band on my forehead?!" He says looking around the room. He notices Niall ducking down. "Niall!" He yells as Niall darts off the couch.

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