Forever Yours

"Come on Charlie" As my pit bull comes stumbling along I notice a boy with dazzling sea green eyes. He's one of the seniors at my school and being a senior myself I see him around a lot. I believe his name is..... Louis yea that's it Louis Tomlinson. Of course I've never really talked to him but maybe now that it's summer I will get to see him more and I finally will.


4. Hospital Trip

Caroline's *POV*

I am in the car with Carlie on my way to the hospital and I'm not sure what to expect. "Caroline are you ok?" Carlie asked concerned "yea I'm fine I'm just worried." I say my voice a little shaky. "It will be ok." She tells me reassuringly. A few minutes later we arrive at the hospital. We go to the counter to the receptionist. "We are here to see Louis Tomlinson." I tell the lady at the desk. She takes a second to look at a file the back at me. "He just got out of surgery so he might be asleep. You are welcome to go see him. Room 12B." She tells me looking a little sorry for me. "You ready for this" Carlie asks as she reaches to open the door "ready as I'll ever be." We open the door to see Louis asleep on the bed surrounded by the boys. "Hey Caroline" Harry says with a slight smile trying to hide the pain. "Hi." Is all I can get out. About 15 minutes later they have all left except for Carlie who decided to wait in the waiting room. I sat beside his bed holding his hand. "Please Louis just wake up." I see his eyes start to flutter open. "Hazza?" He mumbles while sitting up. "No Louis it's me Caroline." He looks at me for a second then says in a low voice "even better." I gives slight giggle. Then I just stair into his magical green eyes. Next thing I know I fell his warm soft lips against mine. I pull away and give him a confused look. He just simply smiles. "I'm sorry but I've always wanted to do that." He says grinning. I look at him again and press my lips on his. I feel him smile into the kiss. "So does this mean we are a thing now?" He asks. "I guess." I say happily. "Good." He smiles one more time. One of the nurses come in saying that Louis needs to rest. I give him a quick peck on the lips and follow the nurse out of the room. I find Carlie in the waiting room and we go to the car. Once in the car I tell Carlie everything that happened. "OMG your so lucky. I wish I had a boyfriend." She say. "Well you know Niall still is single." I say grinning "oh shut up." She laughs.

Louis' *POV*

I can't believe what just happened between me and Caroline. After she leaves the nurse comes back saying it's time to rest. She leaves and I turn to my side. I can't stop thinking about the kiss. AND the fact that we are now dating! I am quickly pulled out of my thoughts as I turn to feel an aching pain in head. I look in the mirror beside my bed I see the stitches in the side of my head. Man it really hurts. I turn back over and fall asleep.*the next day* Luckily today the doctor said I am able to go home today. Everyone else was busy so Caroline's on her way to get me. She walks into the front office and helps me up as I fumble with my crutches. I also broke my leg durning the accident. She helps me to the car. We get in the car and it a quiet ride. "Well this is depressing." I say as I turn the radio full blast. "You already have a broken leg you don't need hearing loss too." She laughs turning down the radio. "So you want to get something to eat?" She asks stoping at a red light. "Yea sure. What do you have in mined?" I ask her. "Well I was thinking Toco bell. That ok with you?" "Heck yea! Here we come Taco Bell here we come Taco Bell!" I start to chant as we take a turn into the Taco Bell parking lot. She just starts laughing uncontrollably.

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