Forever Yours

"Come on Charlie" As my pit bull comes stumbling along I notice a boy with dazzling sea green eyes. He's one of the seniors at my school and being a senior myself I see him around a lot. I believe his name is..... Louis yea that's it Louis Tomlinson. Of course I've never really talked to him but maybe now that it's summer I will get to see him more and I finally will.


3. Happy Birthday or Not

Caroline's *POV*

"Can't wait to go home I'm so tired!" I complain to Jasy as we make our way to the door. Just then I walk straight into someone. I was about to say sorry then I realized it was Louis. "Don't even say it I think we are way past that" he says laughing "Well nice to run into you again. I thought you left?" I say a little confused "We we're support to go an hour ago but we got a little tied up." He explains "Ok well we are going to go I'm really tired" as I finish my sentence I take a nice long yawn. I walk out the door and get into the car. I always loved Jasy's car. The seats are so comfy. I soon fall asleep to the sound of the radio playing ' Dark horse'. The next day I open my eyes to see Jasy, Carlie, Karly, and Ashlyn standing at the edge of my bed smiling like idiots. Sadly I knew what was going to happen next. In which I guess correctly they began to half sing half scream 'Happy birthday' "Ok guys I love you but shut up." I yawn and roll over. Then the next thing I know I am on Karly's shoulder being brought downstairs. As soon as I finish my breakfast I go and get my phone. A few minute after getting it I hear it go off. Ugg. I look to see that someone was Face timing me. It was Louis. I answer the call to be overcome with the sound of him screaming happy birthday. How did he know? "Oh by the way I told Louis it was your birthday." Ashlyn says with a grin. "It's easy to remember because it's my birthday too!" He tells me. "Happy Birthday" I scream at him trying to annoy him. I then remember I just woke up and must look like crap! "Ok well I will talk to you later I need to shower." I say "ok but do you want to go out to a birthday lunch?" He asked me "yea sure bye!" I say as I dash off to take a shower. I finish my shower and get dressed. As soon as I go down stairs my phone is going off like crazy. It was a million calls from Carlie. I call her back to see what she oh so badly wanted. "Hello?! Caroline?" She sounded scared "Yea it's me what's wrong?" I ask desperately. "Louis was just in a car crash I don't know how bad. I am on my way to the hospital now I will get you on the way!" With that she hung up. All the sudden I burst out in tears. I barley even know him and now I'm crying.

Louis' *POV*

*20 mins earlier*

"Yea sure bye!" Caroline says as she cuts off the call. Well I better get ready too. I take a quick shower and go over to my closet. I grab my clothes for the day and set them on my bed. I walk over to my phone to see what time it is and being my usual self dropped it on the floor. I pick it up scared to see how bad the damage was. The screen was ruined. Well I guess I need a new phone. I get dressed and grab my keys. I got to the Verizon store and got a new phone. I also managed to get all my contacts and stuff on my new phone. I leave the store and get back into my car. Now that I'm out I mine as well get some coffee. I past the green light and this idiot comes from the left side swerving like crazy and the last thing I see is him hit the side of my car sending my car to its side.

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