Harry's twin sister

Elizabeth Styles is Harry Styles twin sister who ran away at the age 16 after Harry went to bootcamp for the X Factor. What happens when they meet again will harry remember her? Will there be romance? If so then which boy will win her heart?

Sorry if this is really bad it's my first movella


3. chapter one

Elizabeth's pov

I was having a wonderful dream this morning and then my radio started playing the song Problem by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea and I looked at the time it was 7:00 so I still five hours left before I go to cheer practice oh and I forgot to say that I'm Elizabeth Smith, my birthday is February 1, 1994 , I am adopted cause I ran away from home, I'm twenty and I play soccer and cheerlead.

Right now it's 8:30 and I have three and a half hours left till cheer practice and I'm already change in my uniform are colours are blue,yellow and white and are cheer team is the warriors .

Sorry it's short but i didn't want to leave you guys hanging but i will add to this chapter thanks for reading😋

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