Harry's twin sister

Elizabeth Styles is Harry Styles twin sister who ran away at the age 16 after Harry went to bootcamp for the X Factor. What happens when they meet again will harry remember her? Will there be romance? If so then which boy will win her heart?

Sorry if this is really bad it's my first movella


11. chapter 3

Elizabeth's pov

That person was Harry. I wonder who those boys where so I introduced my self "hi i'm Elizabeth, Elizabeth Smith" "hello love i'm Louis Tomlinson" a guy with a striped shirt said "I'M NIALL HORAN" a blond haired guy said enthusiastically"hi i'm Zayn Malik" a guy with a black Levis t-shirt said shyly (A/N i think this is a word) "hi i'm Liam, Liam Payne" a guy with a batman shirt said " and i'm Harry Styles" Harry said well it was nice meeting you guys" I said "Elizabeth have i met you before because you look familiar" he said "um no we have not" "oh okay" he said sadly


Hey I know I haven't updated in a while but yeah very hard for me to update cause my mom won't let me stay on for a long time and please comment what you think because I would like to know


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