Harry's twin sister

Elizabeth Styles is Harry Styles twin sister who ran away at the age 16 after Harry went to bootcamp for the X Factor. What happens when they meet again will harry remember her? Will there be romance? If so then which boy will win her heart?

Sorry if this is really bad it's my first movella


10. Chapter 2



Elizabeth's POV

Once me was ready for cheer I walked outside making sure I locked my door. Then i walked to my car and headed to cheer practice on the way when he stopped at a red light I saw a HUGE bus with faces in them, but I really didn't pay attention to that

*********after cheer practice********

once we finished I headed to Starbucks and got a cotton candy frap they asked me my name and I decided to mess with the cashier "Olaf" I answered with a small smile appearing on my face "okay? That will be out soon" he said confused I just smiled and went to the last table, while walking over there I noticed that same bus out side and five guys with hoodies and sunglasses coming out of it, weird eh who cares as they came in they yelled "cotton candy frap for...Olaf " the cashier said "that's me" I answered  the five guys started laughing once they called my "name" so I just smiled at them once I got my drink I sat down, then the boys sat at my table "can we sit with you Olaf "asked a guy in red jeans "sure" I said blushing I don't usually talk to boys, as they sat down they took off there glasses and I saw someone I never expected to see again...


A/N hiya guys there's a cliff hanger so this is my first chapter as a co author so ya hope you enjoyed

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