Trapped Pt. One (Lorde and Demi Lovato)


5. Narrator

*Lorde and Demi start talking about how they got here*

Lorde- "We need an escape plan."

Demi- "Do you have your phone?"

Lorde- "YES, it's in my little room."

Demi- "go get it!!"

Lorde - *gets phone*

Demi- "call the cops!"

Lorde- "ok" *dials 911*

"911 what's your emergency."

Lorde- "I'm trapped with Demi Lovato in this small room."

"What's your location?"

Lorde- "oh, we have no idea"

"No one can help you without a location"

"Oh, well, um thanks anyway I guess."

*Hears a gunshot and scream*

Demi- "what was that?"

Lorde- "I have no idea"

Demi- "I hear footsteps coming closer."

Lorde- *SCREAMS*

To be continued...

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