A girl named stellan was adopted by her aunt and her uncle. Her birth mom was a drug addict and was in jail the last time stellan saw her mom. stellan grows up to be a Splendiferous teenager and is furious with her birth mom for not taking care of her or her other kids. Stellan find out something that could be life changing.


1. Chapter 1


Hi i'm Stellan and i'm adopted.  I got adopted by my aunt Hillary and uncle Chris.  My birth mom Mary was a drug addict.  She advised all her kids on how to embezzle and do drugs at a adolescent age. I never really got to get to know my birth mom I just got told about her.   I was born 2 months early and almost died.  I saw her once when I was four and she was in jail at the time.  Im 13 and still remember that and a lot of things im not supposed to remember but I do.  I can't just not unsee things that I have already seen like all this and more conflicts that happen after I was adopted.  


Hillary and Chris:

We adopted Stellan when she was 3 months old.  We are her Aunt and Uncle but legally now we are her mom and dad.  Her birth mom Mary was a drug addict and when we got Stellan she was drugged up on kids medicine.  We have told Stellan from a adolescent age that she was adopted.  We don't really tell her about her dad, because I don't like to talk about him.  Sure she is probably wondering who he is, but she has not asked us about him yet.  She is now 13 and is getting more secret these days, but we used to be pretty close but I don't know anymore.  


Authors note:

Sorry for the short chapter it will get better I was just trying to lay the main part of the story down about the who the characters are and everything so that yall would know as readers.   

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