Not just another fan

"I remember it like it was yesterday, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, my heart was racing, he was all sweaty and so was I. He gave all of his effort toward pleasuring me and I just screamed louder and louder. His neck vein bulges when he gives a 100%." said Emberly to her friends.
"Oh gosh, quit talking about that damn Bieber concert over and over again" replied Hallie.
"How come I can't talk about my Bieber experiences, but you can talk about how One Direction is the hottest human beings on earth? Which is a 100% false. Justin is better than the best"
Read on and find out if Emberly is not just another fan.


3. Who needs their virginity?

"Oh hi I'm Justin!" he says as he gives me a hug

"Oh my gosh, Hi Justin!" I say as I return the hug


"You are so beautiful. Um what's your name?" he asks

"Emberly Jade, you can call me Em or Emberly" I say super nervously

"I love it" He says with a warm smile


We walk over to his couch and sit down. We are the only ones on the bus. The bus is a lot bigger than you think. It's like half of my home.


"So how long do I get to stay in here" I ask

"As long as you want. I sent out a request to the Bieber Fever website to have one special Belieber hang out with me for as long as she wants" he says with a grin


He slides closer and puts his arm around me. I smile nervously, i'm pretty sure my face is bright red. He looks me up and down. 

"Damn babe, your so hot" he says with a little giggle


He lays down and pulls me on top of him. He looks me in the eyes. I feel something touching my leg. I look down to find his um "Jerry" bulging and getting bigger by the second. He laughs and pulls me in. Our lips meet.


His lips are so soft and luscious, our lips together made it feel like they were meant to be together. His tongue explored my mouth, as his hands explored my body.


We really get into it, we are constantly kissing and touching each other. He gets up and locks the door. He brings me to his bedroom.


He imediately throws me down on the bed, kisses my neck making me want him more. I know my parents wouldn't be happy with me losing my virginity at age 18, but it's Justin fucking Bieber wanting to fuck me. I was going to go for it.


He slowly slips off my shorts and panties, he licks my inner thigh making me wet. He makes his way towards my private area. He gently sticks in a finger and pulls it out and sucks on it.


"Damn babe, you taste so good" he says as he slips my shirt off


He unhooks my bra and looks me up and down. He licks his lips and leans in to suck on one of my nipples. He reached over into the drawer next to us as he kisses my neck. I take a quick peek to see what he was grabbing. Of course and thank god, it was a condom. 


"Miami likes safety right?" he says as a joke


As he sucks on my nipples and squeezes them, i thought why not satisfy him. So I reach down and slide off his sweat pants. He doesn't stop. I slide off his boxers revealing his 6 inch Jerry. I slowly rub it and massage it. I can feel Justin hesitating on some nibbles and kisses, I also hear him moaning in my ear as I rub his Jerry.


"Damn babe" he says as he lays down


I sit up and reach for Jerry, he moans as I grab it. I start to tease him by kissing the top and kissing the rest of it. He thrusts forward making Jerry go in my mouth. I suck on Jerry as Justin thrusts him into my mouth. As take Jerry in my mouth until it hits the back of my throat.


"Babe s-s-stop" he says shaky


He pulls the condom out of the wrapper and puts it on. He flips me over, I can tell he can't wait. He quickly shoves Jerry inside me. I scream a little because of the size. 


"Oh fuck, Justin" i say as he thrusts


He continues to thrust, every thrust is harder and faster, getting me closer to my climax. He thrusts again and again until I can't take it anymore"


"F-f-fuck Justin, I'm going to cum" i say as he thrusts as hard as he can

"It's okay baby, cum for me" he says sweat dripping down his face.


"Oh fuck!" Justin yells as I cum.


He pulls out and whips off the condom. He grabs my head and puts Jerry in my mouth, as I suck on it he cums in my mouth.


"Oh god" He moans as I suck him clean.


He lays me down and sucks on my private area. His tongue flicks against my cilt making me thrust forward. He continues to clean me. I feel his tongue dig deeper and deeper in me. 


"Damn baby, you taste so fucking good" he says as he lays down next to me.

We kiss.

I fall asleep in his muscular, tattooed arms.


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