Not just another fan

"I remember it like it was yesterday, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, my heart was racing, he was all sweaty and so was I. He gave all of his effort toward pleasuring me and I just screamed louder and louder. His neck vein bulges when he gives a 100%." said Emberly to her friends.
"Oh gosh, quit talking about that damn Bieber concert over and over again" replied Hallie.
"How come I can't talk about my Bieber experiences, but you can talk about how One Direction is the hottest human beings on earth? Which is a 100% false. Justin is better than the best"
Read on and find out if Emberly is not just another fan.


7. What's she doing here?

"What the hell?" Scooter yelled

"Oh shit" Justin muttered


Selena was standing right there in the doorway. Justin had my shirt off and his hand in my pants and Selena just "randomly" shows up. Justin stands up fast and throws my shirt at me.


"What the fuck? How did you get up here?" Justin yelled

"What the fuck are you doing with her?" She said glaring at me

"First her name is Emberly and second she's my girlfriend and third how the hell did you find us?"

"Fuck you!" She said throwing anything near her at him "I'm your girlfriend."

"Stop! Get out! I'm not yours... I'm Emberly's" he said looking at me with a smile

"You." she said looking at me "Get the fuck out of here. Justin is my boyfriend. Not yours."


I stood up and started to walk towards Scooter. Justin grabbed my arm and pulled me close. 


"Selena." He said in a calm voice "I'm going to have to ask you to leave or else"

"Yeah right. Or else what?"

Justin looked at me with a smile.

"God dammit! Put me down! I'm a celebrity!" Selena yelled as security carried her out of the room.


Justin pulled me in close and tried to kiss me. I moved away. He knew what I was thinking. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. He started humming "Be Alright".


"I'm so sorry Em" he said as he kissed down my neck leading to my bra

I look him in the eyes and tell him face to face.

"Make it up to me"


He smiles and lifts me onto the bed. He takes his shirt off, then mine. He kisses my neck then breasts. He kisses me on the lips roughly. 


"Damn babe" I say as he makes his way down south

"You said to make it up to you. So meet Bad Boy Justin" he said as he unhooked my bra with one hand

"Oh Justin" I say as he throws my shorts across the room.


**Short chapter! I'm sorry, but should I keep this "sex" scene clean or dirty?** It's up to you guys! Follow at @DaftBieb on twitter

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