Not just another fan

"I remember it like it was yesterday, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, my heart was racing, he was all sweaty and so was I. He gave all of his effort toward pleasuring me and I just screamed louder and louder. His neck vein bulges when he gives a 100%." said Emberly to her friends.
"Oh gosh, quit talking about that damn Bieber concert over and over again" replied Hallie.
"How come I can't talk about my Bieber experiences, but you can talk about how One Direction is the hottest human beings on earth? Which is a 100% false. Justin is better than the best"
Read on and find out if Emberly is not just another fan.


9. Not the best role model

Okay where I left off last time. I was smoking weed. It's not that bad. It relaxes you. You can't really die from it unless you really try.


Since I was 18 I put on a black hoodie and went down to the gas station.

"One pack of marlboro lights"


I go back to the hotel and open the room door. Justin is sitting at the TV playing a videogame. Shirtless. I walk in with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth.


"What do you think you're doing?" Justin said with a smirk

"Nothing" I blew out smoke "Why?"

"Because I want one" He said as I gave him one.


He lit it up and we sat there smoking "ciggys". That's what justin calls them. It is pretty boring right now, but we have a party to go to tonight. Drake Bell has an album release party and Justin wanted to crash the party.


"Well, I'm going to go take a nap" I said as I blew out smoke and put the cigarette out.

"I'll come with you" Justin said really excited.


We went to the bedroom and laid down for an hour or 3. Justin held me close to his bare chest.


"Urrrmmm What time is it?" Justin said in a deep, sexy voice

"Um 2 in the afternoon" I told him

"Do we have time to fuck?"


"What?" he said with a laugh


I turned over and kissed his soft lips. We made out for a while, but I didn't let things go to far.


"Well I'm hungry" I say as I leave him in bed

"Did you seriously just leave me to make out with myself?" He said with a laugh

"Maybe" I said with a wink


I went into the kitchen and made some pizza. I sit down and light a cigarette. I hang out for a while. I get on instagram and like some peoples photos. I get on twitter and now after 4 days I have 250K followers. I tweet some people back. Someone asks for a selfie with Justin.




"Come here!"


He walks in the room.



He kisses my cheek as i snap the pic. After he hears the camera click he grabs my face and kisses my lips. Our tongues wrestle for a minute.


"I have to post this selfie"

"They can wait"


He lays me on the couch and kisses my neck. I play with his hair as he kisses my body. We fool around for a while. We make out... maybe give oral, but it isn't important ;)


I tweet the picture to a Belieber and they completely fan girl and say "I love you two" and "Follow me"


I go to the kitchen to find Justin finishing up the pizza I made. I take a piece and eat it before Justin gets it. Justin kisses me and goes to get ready for the "Operation Drake Bell Release Party Crashers"

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