Not just another fan

"I remember it like it was yesterday, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, my heart was racing, he was all sweaty and so was I. He gave all of his effort toward pleasuring me and I just screamed louder and louder. His neck vein bulges when he gives a 100%." said Emberly to her friends.
"Oh gosh, quit talking about that damn Bieber concert over and over again" replied Hallie.
"How come I can't talk about my Bieber experiences, but you can talk about how One Direction is the hottest human beings on earth? Which is a 100% false. Justin is better than the best"
Read on and find out if Emberly is not just another fan.


8. Bad boy Justin

Justin kisses me roughly as he slides his pants off. He's anxious to get in my pants. I laughed a little at my own statement there.


"What?" Justin said serious as possible

"I was just laughing about how you wanted to get into my pants an then I realized I don't have any on.."


He smirked as he turned on Actin' Up (by Asher Roth ft. Chris Brown and him) really loud and locked the door. He hovered over me kisses my body all over. He made his way down to my pussy. He stuck two fingers in as I arched my back.

"I like women and french kisses" Justin rapped along to Actin' Up

"Do the dishes" I say as a joke 


He starts to suck on my private area. He licks me clean and finally makes his way up to my mouth. He pulled his Calvin Klein boxers off revealing his boner. He lifted me off of the bed. While standing he slowly sits me on his dick. This is new. I've never seen him do stuff like this before. He sets me on the dresser and thrusts. His dick enters me several times before switching locations.


"Damn Justin" I say


He sets me down. He sits in the office chair. He motions me to come over and sit on his dick. I slowly sit on his dick facing him. He adjusts his dick and thrusts hard. After he gets tired of that area he moves to the bed. His dick is still in me. He lays me on the bed. He puts his hands on the bed to hold himself up. He thrusts fast and hard. His twerking skills came in handy here :)


"Damn babe" He said as he thrusts

"You don't need protection Justin. I'm on the pill" I told him


That must have been the best news ever. He started thrusting harder and harder. He pulled out and flipped me around and tried doggie style. He thrusted several times.


"Um babe..." he said quietly

"What?" I say barely able to hold myself up

"Um.. can I try um... anal?"

"Are you gay?"


"Then no"


He laid down as I sat on his dick. He moaned as I bounced up and down. I was so close to cumming. He flipped me over and took control. He thrusted so hard. I've never had sex like this before. It was somewhat painful, yet hot and sexy. He thrusted harder and faster. I came without telling him.


"Shit" he says as he thrusts for the final time


He cums inside me. He falls on top of me. His breath is so heavy. He's all sweaty. 


"I love you" he says with a smile "But, don't cum without telling me first"

"Okay... maybe." I say as a tease "Or maybe not!"

"Fuck you" he said laughing


He got up and put his sweats on and threw me one of his shirts. He walked over to his bag and pulled out some weed. He took out a blunt and lit it.


"Dammit Justin" I say to him

"What?" he says laughing

"Didn't you know sharing is caring?"


I grab a blunt from his bag and light it. I turn on the TV and lay down.


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