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1. afraid of the dArk

I stand in the pool of blood surrounding me; the warm sticky substance begins to slosh as I walk through the thousands upon thousands of bodies. My stomach heaves causing me to throw up everything I had eaten that day onto an old woman whose face has been burned, just like all the others. None of the bodies had arms or legs, explaining how much blood there was, but not explaining who or more likely what had ripped them apart. I look around and I'm in a field with a small farm house on the edge, and as soon as my eye catches sight I initiate my journey.

My body shivers and I pull the covers farther around my body, before I hear my alarm go off. My mom screams up the stairs at me to get up and help her set up for the gathering. I put my black skinny jeans on, my flats, and button upmy long sleeve black shirt. I slowly straighten my hair making sure that every wave flattened. This was the moment I could finally escape. I grab the bottle of pills and take one. One more. Another. Just one more. Last one. A couple more. The room around me begins to fade into the blackness. One ray of light and then there's nothing left.

Now I'm only a few feet away from the farm house. My heartbeat quickens as I hear noises coming from within the house. I look through a broken window, and see a figure hunched over a still body. I hear a smack as the figure licks his fingers.

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