Love is weird and so am I

I'm a Alpha but a girl so other pack's Alphas call me weak until they pick a fight with me and lose to me my name is Emma Killson my mom is dead and my dad left no one knows why he left or ware he is. I'm 16 i stared turning when i was 10 because i had over whelming pain in my lungs. My pain caused by my ribs being to close to my lungs.


2. How can this be

     Alpha=hey babe

   EMY= Hi how are you

Alpha= good and you

EMY = ummmm not so grate

Alpha= whats wrong

EMY= today i have school 

Alpha=Do you get picked on?


Alpha=if i was there that wouldn't happen  

EMY= sorry g2g

Alpha= good bye

                                 Emma's p.o.v


I ran to school knowing that he would be waiting for me but i didn't care if Victor was there or not. Victor is an Alpha from a different pack but he never picked on me because we are play mates. A play mate is a best friend that kisses you and it dose not matter if you change in front of but the thing that makes them a play mate is they are a boy if you like boys a girl if you like girls. I was getting close to school but not slowing down i was going faster with every step i took.


                                       Victor's p.o.v 


I'm waiting for my play mate to show up. I smell her coming near.  I looked to ware the smell was coming from and saw her going full speed. Emma was going to keep running and go past the school so I ran as fast as I could and grabbed her waist. bloody hell Emma are you trying to get your self killed!! I was angry she almost to the no pack Zone if any Alpha goes there they will be killed by wolfs with no Alpha. I'm sorry victor i wasn't thinking. Dame right you were not thinking i could have lost you and i would die if i lost you. I-I'm so s-sorry. 

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