The New Girl With The Cullens

I thought about making a twilight fan fiction, and this was all in a dream. It's about a girl that runs away from Phoenix and gets chased and bitten twice by 2 different vampires when she has already Been bitten once, but she doesn't know that. Rated for language


1. Running Away

Chapter 1: Running Away

Lilly's point of view

I was reading in my room when my dad called and told me to mop the kitchen floor and give him breakfast in bed. I didn't argue because I am practically his personal slave. I said "The kitchen floor is already spotless, and you just ate." He argued with me and said,"I'm still hungry so get me something to eat you useless piece of crap!!" I got him something to eat and said "I know you won't miss me when I run away, because I've had enough of living like I'm a slave! I'm running away!" "Fine! Go then! I don't need a slave anymore! I hate you!"

I went to my room and started packing. When I was done packing I ran all the way to Seattle, Washington. I enrolled in Forks High School, and met some new friends. I told them I ran away, but I never told them why.


Sorry this chapter is short! I will try to make them longer. Please no hates, I'm trying my best.

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