The New Girl With The Cullens

I thought about making a twilight fan fiction, and this was all in a dream. It's about a girl that runs away from Phoenix and gets chased and bitten twice by 2 different vampires when she has already Been bitten once, but she doesn't know that. Rated for language


4. Pain part 2

Chapter 4: Pain Part 2

Lily's Point of View:

"That was four days ago?" I asked. Alice said that I had been asleep for four days. Another pale-skinned person walked in, and this time Alice couldn't stop me. I was at the window in a fraction of a second. "Wait!" I heard the male that had walked in say. I stopped, and I saw that seven people were in the room. They asked me how old I was, and I was 10. I enrolled in a high school because I am smarter than a senior at high school anyway.

I thought about running away again, but decided against it. I asked if I could run to Seattle, and before they had a chance to answer I was already halfway there. They caught up to me in a second. They were faster than me, and they used that advantage to go in front of me so that I had to stop. I stopped and jumped over them, but they jumped in front of me so I couldn't go anywhere.

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