The New Girl With The Cullens

I thought about making a twilight fan fiction, and this was all in a dream. It's about a girl that runs away from Phoenix and gets chased and bitten twice by 2 different vampires when she has already Been bitten once, but she doesn't know that. Rated for language


5. I guess I have to stay with you





                      Chapter 5: I guess I have to stay with you

 previously: they jumped in front of me so I couldn't go anywhere....

        Lilly's point of view:

 "what do you want?" I ask coldly. The girl named Alice said, "Do you live alone??" I said "I did live with someone, but I ran away." The male that I saw earlier said, "Why?" Before I could answer, a male with bronze hair said, "She was being treated like a slave, so she ran away." A blonde girl asked me something, but I cut her off asking the bronze-haired guy, "How did you know that? Can you read my mind or something?" The bronze-haired person said, "Actually, I can read minds, but that was a guess. I can't read your mind." "Why can't you read my mind?" the first male I saw  said, "No one really knows."

 Alice then decided to tell me "Your ten, so you shouldn't be living alone." I was surprised and said, "Who should I live with then?" Everyone looked at each other, and I noticed that there were actually nine people. A girl with brown hair that I didn't see before said, "I think she has changed." I said, "What do you mean?" Suddenly, the sun came out, and I backed into the shadows before they could see anything. They were sparkling, and I was wearing a white eyelet lace tank top that I bought in Phoenix. I thought to myself, (is my secret safe with them?)

 I decided that it was, so I walked into the sunlight. Every single one of them gasped. My arms, legs and neck sparkled, my hair turned gold on top with a blond/brown on the bottom, and my hair also had silver, copper, and bronze streaks in it. My face, though was a whole different story. My face only had a dull glow coming off of it.

 Alice said, "Who do you want to live with?" I replied, "Someone like me." The blond girl said, "There is no one like you at all." I said, "Then I guess I have to stay with you." I said it shakily. They knew I was scared.





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