The New Girl With The Cullens

I thought about making a twilight fan fiction, and this was all in a dream. It's about a girl that runs away from Phoenix and gets chased and bitten twice by 2 different vampires when she has already Been bitten once, but she doesn't know that. Rated for language


7. Being introduced




               Chapter 7/Chapter 6: Being Introduced


 previously: 'Then I guess I have to stay with you.' I said it shakily. They knew I was scared........


 The next day was a Saturday.

When Lilly woke up, (she still sleeps, she isn't fully turned yet) she saw everyone watching her. Everyone was laughing at her expression. She suddenly said "What?!?!???" They laughed even harder. She suddenly yelled "Stop laughing and tell me what's going on!!!" When she said that, a dragon made of fire and ice surrounded her. They immediately stopped laughing and stared at her in shock. They said "How did you do that?!?!?!!?" At the exact same time. "I-I don't know."

She recognized Carlisle, and didn't know why or how, but she recognized the bronze haired guy too. The blonde guy (Carlisle) said "Since you are staying here, what is your name?" "My name is Lily." "I am Carlisle, this is Rosalie" he gestured towards the blonde girl, "Alice" he gestured to the one that bit me, "Esme" the one standing next to him waved, "Emmett" a tall black haired man came and gave me a giant beat hug, "Can't...breath!" He let go immediately. Carlisle continued, "Jasper" a guy shook my hand, "and Edward." The name caught my attention, and my head snapped up at the name. "I had a brother named Edward. I don't know why, but I think I knew a Carlisle too."







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